Sad about broken month old celine sunnies.

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  1. So, a month or two ago I posted a thread here about which sunnies I should pick, "audrey" or "tailor". I eventually decided on the tailors and was thrilled when they arrived. I have worn them almost every day since. They are the perfect pair of sunglasses and flatter my face and style impeccably but today something awful happened. I noticed when I was wiping them down with the cloth that there was a crack on the part that goes over your ear. It's a crack from the inside and if it gets bent at all it will snap off. I was beside myself and could not stop obsessing over it. I don't understand how this could happen. The frames feel so sturdy. I have only adjusted them to fit my face once when I first got them. I don't know what to do. They were by all means not cheap and I am deeply upset by the quality as I have pairs of sunglasses that I have worn for years of equal or lesser value that have stood the test of time. I purchased them off of amazon. I have contacted céline customer service but judging but the stories on here about their CS I don't think I will be hearing from them any time soon. I contacted the seller on amazon because perhaps I got a defective pair (yup, just my luck) hoping for a replacement. I'm praying it works in my favor because I love my tailors and once they fully break I will be completely heartbroken. Just needed to vent.

    ETA: If the outcome isn't in my favor. Do you guys think that a eyeglass place would be able to repair something like this?
  2. Oh no, ive been contemplating getting Celine sunniest but might refrain after ur experience! Hopefully u can get replacement or have them repaired. I would think u would be able to at least get repair, but worst case would be it will cost u. If they are celine authorised seller, then they should still be under warranty? I dont think cracking after one month of normal wear would be considered normal wear and tear not covered under the warranty.
    Keep us posted! Good luck
  3. As beautiful as the sunglasses are I don't think I will be buying anymore pairs in the future. It's not worth the aggravation. I am praying I can have them fixed, even if it has to come out of pocket. I don't know if they are covered under warranty but they are authentic and celine should stand by their product regardless. These companies really make me laugh. They like taking our money, but don't like being helpful once they have it. I will keep you posted for definite.
  4. You mentioned , you adjust them once to make sure it fit better , maybe you break them by accident . Sunglasses with plastic frame need to heat them up first before bending them to avoid cracking , all opticals have those machine and sunglass places too .
  5. I love Céline sunglasses. I have the Original in three colors, I'm a bit of a sunglasses addict. I don't use them often but my first pair, the one I used the most in the beginning, well one of the round decorative pins (a Céline signature I guess) fell off, luckily it was in the case when it happened. As it turns out Céline sunglasses are made by the same company who makes Gucci sunglasses, among many other brands. I think when a company, in this case Safilo, becomes too big, the quality and craftsmanship tend to suffer. The materials are still great though. Sorry about your sunglasses, I suggest next time that you purchase them from a brick and mortar retailer and have them fitted there too, that way if something does happen to your eyewear they can either repair or replace it for you.