Sacrilege, I know--but which brands or bags have the best, realistic fake leather?

  1. I was inspired to ask this by a blog posting from a very fashionable looking blogger* who wrote of carrying a pleather bag that garnered a lot of compliments before she bought a really good one.

    Do any of you use fake leather bags? Are there particular bags or brands that you recommend or that could fool even a bag enthusiast?

    LunaBoston says some of the Matt & Nats are really real looking but it doen't note which ones in particular.

    Thanks in advance.

    *Because of the ban on linking to other fashion sites (besides stores) I can't link to it--but if you Google "Pretty Little Pradas" and "Bags Galore" you'll find the post.

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  2. I've seen some bags from H&M that are not leather but very trendy and look like leather....def. something I would consider if I loved the style of one of their seasonal bags!
  3. I've seen a few items from Matt & Nat, and, actually, I had to pick up the bag and look at it really closely, only to discover that it was pleather! They do a very good job!
  4. The H&M bag that I have is really cute but the fake leather just feels AWFUL to the touch! I sometimes use it in the rain. But recently I bought a Chinese Laundry fake leather bag (it was on sale for $37 from Luna Boston | Browse for ChineseLaundry and it really looks like leather (it's fooled a lot of people from up close) and it feels really nice. I'm no leather expert but if I was given a blindfolded test I would say it was leather.
  5. I prefer faux suede (Ultrasuede) to faux leather, as it's more tactile and unlike real suede, it's wipe-clean! :yes:

    If you can afford it, Stella McCartney is always great for stylish and good quality faux leather and faux suede bags. :biggrin:
  6. Nope, never. I wouldn't spend the money that a good bag commands unless it's leather. If one is looking for leather alternatives, there's always coach signature, or their summer canvas line, or LV canvas.

    but Pleather? Never.
  7. Bumping in hopes of getting more response from the lovelies on the board tonight.
  8. i can't for the life of me remember where i read about this, but vegans obviously don't carry or wear leather so they are a good source for you. search here (maybe i read something on this forum??) or on google.
  9. For the longest time I thought Louis Vuitton monogram was leather ... dummy me, it's canvas! So I'd have to say that's my favorite.
  10. I just bought a Stella McCartney on sale. At first I thought it was leather until I remembered she doesn't work with it. I'm sure that's why it didn't sell because it the texture is so unique, like a vintage patent that's been distressed and crackled. I actually think it's cooler that it's fake and it's made really well, just like a luxury bag. I haven't worn it yet but my B bags will be shelved for pleather! :smile:
  11. i was just going to suggest Stella McCartney when i saw the title of the thread.

    waif - do you have pics of your bag!? would love to see it :smile:
  12. I'd try melie bianco, I've bought some at a couple sites on the web, and i love their bags.