Sacrifice the miroir couer?

  1. Well, as my last louis vuitton piece for a while, i am getting the silver miroir couer.
    Very recently, i found out that i am going on a spring break trip to tour italy! I will be going to rome, venice, florence, sicily, and i think other places as well.

    when i purchase my miroir couer, i will have absolutely zero spending money, and it would not be fun to go to italy and not have enough money.

    my question is, should i sacrifice the heart coin purse to have about 400 dollars of extra spending money, or work very hard to earn money for the trip (the trip is in 80 days!)

    thanks so much for your opinions everyone!

    P.S. (off topic) also, is it even safe to bring that kind of money to italy?
  2. traveler's checks. and i'd work really if the heart was a "must have" for me i wouldn't pass it up. i'd make sure i had spending money and that miroir heart. even if i had to sell something else i didn't love as much anymore.
  3. I'd sacrifice the coeur- it's cute but rather impractical. Plus you'll definitely be wanting spending money for Italy- have a great time!
  4. I would sacrifice the Miroir heart...a trip always wins!
  5. I would pass on the heart and save for the trip:tup:
  6. ditto, couldn't have said it better myself! :lol:
  7. Save for the trip! You will definitely want some spending money in Italy!
  8. Oh man, I totally feel you. I sacrificed my miroir speedy this summer for extra $ towards real-estate here.
    Still glad I I say have a blast in Italy with the extra money!
  9. There is a wonderful LV shop in Rome, right near the Spainish steps and the other one I like is right thru an alley off St Marco square in Venice.
    I would save my money and spend it there.
    Also I would not take cash or travelers checks (they are not as well received as they use to be)
    Do you have a debit card...or credit card, that is what i would use
    citibank gives a good converstion rate and only charges 1.5%
  10. As much as I love the Miroir Couer, I would also sacrifice it and keep the money to use in Europe!

    You'll get a lot more joy in Italy with some spending money which you can blow it all off on souvenirs, gelatos and amusement!
  11. Forget about the heart and enjoy your Italy trip. It's so beautiful and you'll want to but lots of "souvenirs".
  12. Is there a way you can have both? Work real hard and save more money towards the trip? But if you really had to choose, then it would make sense to sacrifice the heart coin purse and have spending money for your trip. Italy is sooo beautiful --- you'll have an even better experience when you have money to spend on whatever you want. Have a wonderful trip!!
  13. I agree! :yes:
  14. Definitely pass on the heart - I was in Italy a couple of months ago -- go with all the spending money you can muster !! LV will always have something nice for you, but a chance to visit Italy doesn't come all the time :smile: oh how wonderful that you will be going!
  15. I would work very hard to get extra $ 'coz I think $400 is not enough for Italy shopping spree (you'd probably wanna get a REAL LOT of stuff over there... it's ITALY!), so it doesn't really matter if you have $400 more or less. I guess you'd need... like at least $4K? LOL. Don't you agree? :drool: