Sacrifice mono papillon for a bedford?


Sell off my mono papillon for a bedford

  1. Yes

  2. No. scrimp like mad for the next half year & THEN get a bedford

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  1. Alright, so I'm lusting for a bedford now. :nuts: Thing is, I can't justify the purchase cos I already have a mono papillon. Would anyone of you sell off the papillon for a brand new bedford?:shrugs:
  2. i would probably do it for a bedford, but it depends on which color...
    you can re-buy mono anytime.. but vernis colors change with the seasons!
  3. Well, are you happy with your Papillon though? I honestly prefer the Pap over the Bedfords (though I LOVE the colors they come in-I have Peppermint) because they have more give than the Bedfords do. The zippers are pretty stiff and they're a lot more structured.
    Maybe if you really want one, you can put a little money aside each time you can and get one in the future. Pomme will be around for a few more months and come the fall, the dark purple-y burgundy color known as Amarante will be out.
  4. No i wouldn't. I'm attracted to the style and bright colours of the Vernis bedford but I absolutely despise the opening-->too tight, structured, and scratches your hands. The papillon is nice and soft, so less of a hassle imo.
  5. Nah... I would keep the Monogram Canvas Papillon and get the Bedford down the road. ;)
  6. I really like my Bedford, but I think realistically you should keep the pap. The bedford is not an everyday bag. I've used it 2 times.
  7. I would keep the mono papillon and save up for bedford
  8. I have a Damier Papillon, and I really like it. I think the canvas Paps are much more comfy and easy to use than the Bedford. I tried the Bedford on before, and it seemed so awkward! It's big and doesn't really squish, so it's not very comfy. Also, the zipper scratches your hands really easily. Keep your mono Pap!! You could always buy the Bedford at a later time.
  9. I'd get the Bedford, i don't like the mono Pap
  10. I like both. If you love the seasonal color you may want to get the Bedford.
  11. I would stay with the papillon and save up money for the bedford.
  12. to me the Papillon looks best in Damier, so i'd sell off the Monogram Papillon and get the Bedford
  13. I love my bedfords, but want the damier pap too! Cause it would be more comfortable and sooo classic. Mono is beautiful too! If you love it, you're gonna miss it!
  14. Keep the pap for now and then get a bedford when you have enough saved, unless you are dying for a particular color that won't be around much longer.
  15. Definitely keep your mono papillon - it's such a classic style and is so comfy/easy to use.

    The best thing would be to just save up and get the Bedford when you have the money. Then you will be able to switch between the two. What's better than one Louis? TWO of course!