Sacrebleu! MJ Collection uses YKK!!!

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  1. Now I guess I've seen it all. I've been buying MJ collection bags since 2003 and the one thing I could ALWAYS depend on - MJ would never use YKK zippers on Collection bags and SLGs - until now!!

    Don't know what made me look or why, but I needed something I keep inside my small accessory pouch that I carry inside my bags. The Case is from the 2009 Resort Collection - its the Birds of Paradise Small Pouch. So I opened the case and took what I needed, and then something made me flip up the back of the zipperhead out of curiosity - I was shocked when I noticed the zipperhead was blank! I then looked at the back of the inner zipper pocket and nope - it's blank! So I looked further at the edge of the zipperhead - I thought, No way, they just missed the riri or Lampo!! But sure enough, on the edge of the zipperhead there it was -- YKK!!

    Sure, it's a small leather good, but as I said earlier, I've never EVER seen YKK zippers on anything MJ collection - bags or SLGs.

    Just wanted to share just in case - if there's one item made with YKK zippers, chances are, there are more!!

  2. oh no.... no no no no no...

    i know there were a couple pieces out there that had ykk zippers, like the caroline bag and the key pouches, but nothing more recent.

    that stinks about the pouch... but then again, the pretty print more than makes up for it!
  3. Ok you might hang me, but what is the difference? are YKK cheaper or any less good? I have no idea… I really don't know! Can somebody explain?
  4. ^ i would like to know too!
    but i think ykk is a cheaper alternative to lampo/ riri?
  5. i'm pretty sure lampo/riri zippers are the most expensive
  6. ^They probably are, but I am disappointed they went this route, they just made it easier for the fake-makers!
  7. ^that's totally true. i hope i don't get duped now
  8. not necessarily true! ykk are hard to fake, just as are riri and lampo.

    it could be that YKK made a more suitable sized zipper for that particular bag. it could be costs. but they're good quality zippers too.

    ykk is the worlds largest zipper company. it's japanese made. they are cheaper than riri and talon brand zippers, which are european....but you also have to look at it all in the long run.

    perhaps the printing of the above bag costs more than regular leather tanning (im almost certain it does), and so to keep the price point perhaps they used a cheaper (but still quality) zipper. I know he used them on the chevron bags, but the chevron bags also had a lot more detail and more technical design techniques (braided straps, particular cuts and seams in the leather, python) that perhaps cost more overall.

    if you figure the numbers, say on 100 bags where using riri zips would cost $10 per bag and YKK $.45 per bag, that's $100 of zippers per unit with RIRI and $5 on the YKK. both zippers are good quality, but when you exponentially run numbers in that fashion for manufacturing, there's areas where a simple change of a zipper brand that could save the company a lot of $$ or offset/ balance some areas of production when they're spending more $$ on the details or leather techniques.

    just my two cents though
  9. personally, i could care less what brand of zippers are used. as long as they work well, are pleasing to the eye and don't break, i'm a happy camper.
  10. Interesting analysis, jun. I learned something new today.

    All my F/W 10 bags have either Lampo or Riri zippers, so MJ hasn't abandoned them completely but I'm with ajj. As long as it works, I don't really care what brand they are. Zippers aren't the only factors we use to authenticate.
  11. actually, I should amend my earlier statement -- I do remember when Key Pouches had YKK zippers and were Made in China rather than Italy. But most of the ones I've seen in recent years have had either riri or lampo

    It's not a cost thing I'm concerned about - or even brand (honestly, I don't care who makes the zipper as long as I love the bag!). It just took my by surprise that's all. For so many years it was an obvious way to weed out the fakes, but like tad said, there are lots of other things to consider as well

    I just wonder if we may see them more often now or if this may have just been the "exception to the rule"?
  12. how does this impact authentication if at all?
  13. i personally dont think it does....with authenticating, it's a matter of a whole string of details lining up to make a whole...zippers are only a small part of that
  14. #14 Sep 30, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2010
    ^ I don't think it will affect authentication much at all. It's been a long time since I've seen a fake Collection bag with YKK zippers. They mainly showed up on older MJ replicas. It will take some time but we will eventually learn which styles have the new zippers and we should be able to judge them accordingly. There is more to authenticate than just the zipper head though.

    IMO this isn't much different than when MJ chose to produce some mainline bags and accessories in China, Hungary and Romania. It was a shock at first but it didn't deter many people from buying or enjoying the items.
  15. ^ :tup: