Sacramento Nordstroms Inventory!!

  1. Hi ladies, just got back from Nordstroms in Sacramento, CA and they have the following: First in Black, Camel and Truffle. City in Greige, Emerald Green and Camel. Hobo in Emerald Green. Bowling bag type (not sure of the name) in Rouge and Camel. And not sure of the name of this one's small w/ a kiss lock closure at the top in Rouge and Greige..Hope this helps everyone:smile::smile:
  2. Sure wish my Nordstroms carried B bags...~sigh~

  3. Thanks for letting me know, I was going over to see what they had in stock!
  4. Aren't you ecstatic that we finally have these in Sac? The handbag selection has improved vastly in the last year! Good and bad news! Seeing them in person is such a huge advantage. But with AR, no tax.
  5. The Houston store doesn't carry Balenciaga... but if they did, I'd be there droolin' and pettin' the bags all the time! ;)
  6. wow sure are alot of people from sac in here! how come the balenciaga section is always peopleless when i go lol
  7. is the hobo the day? wondering about emerald, or wait until spring for the kelly green???
  8. I would say wait for the kelly green..not a big fan of emerald:confused1:
  9. Messengerbaglover,
    I think there is a day, courrier and extra courrier. The day's handle is not long enough to wear messenger style but is very comfortable on the shoulder. I believe the other styles have an adjustable buckle. Am I right, experts?
  10. I just got back. I didnt see a courier. but OMG there is a grey first there with unbelievable amazing leather omg omg omg I wanted it soooooo bad but my mom was with me and she dosent like my purse spending habits.. There is also a camel first...great leather, not veiny and dry at all...also a small blue hook bag which is actually very cute and some more bags i forgot...also some fab quilted bags. the guy there (african american dude) said that they arent taking names for blue india and rouge VIF..cuz they are only getting a few and the wait list already has over 30 pepole on it :sad: