Sacoche Winter Sale!

  1. There are loads of bags on sale...including several styles of the Bay and Elvire...if anyone is interested, please PM me so i can forward the email to you!!! FYI, the heloise is NOT on sale.:yes:
  2. here are the sale bags:
    sale.JPG sale2.JPG sale3.JPG sale4.JPG sale5.JPG
  3. More
    sale6.JPG sale7.JPG sale8.JPG sale9.JPG sale10.JPG
  4. more...
    sale11.JPG sale12.JPG sale13.JPG sale14.JPG sale15.JPG
  5. last one:
    sale16.JPG sale17.JPG sale18.JPG sale19.JPG sale20.JPG
  6. keychains:
  7. BTW, really like the ardoise patent Bay, but am turned off by that piece of black leather attached to the zipperhead...:tdown:
  8. Pretty bags. Thanks for posting.
  9. Those prices are incredible. Thanks Abi and Acshih. LOTS to mull over :yes: pity about the lack of Heloise :crybaby:
  10. Thanks for the post guys....

    acshih, did you do a print screen to get those pictures?
  11. Thanks for the pics acshih!I really wanted to post the pics but smart little me didnt know how to extract them from the excel thingy! :pLOL!
  12. Yep. alt_print screen. And paste and save using paintshop.
  13. You are welcome! Thanx for posting and letting us know all of the deals in the past. Figure I will help contribute as much as I can.
  14. Thanks for all the info!!

    Does anyone know if the Chloe Bay Shoulder Bag actually fits over the shoulder? With a coat on? It doesn't seem so. I really need an over-the-shoulder, not-too-big, affordable bag and am about to buy the Coach Bleecker laced leather large flap. Would prefer a nice Chloe, though, of course :smile:
  15. Wow thanks so much for all the info.! very tempting!