Sacoche sale again!?!

  1. Apologies if this has been posted already. This email just arrived with me today.

    MAGGIE (w/ 2 clutches)
    1. 7ES620-7E484 (Antilope, Moka, Taupe) BD473 = $1,261

    1. 7ES624-7E484 (Antilope, Moka, Taupe) BD350 = $933

    TEL # +973 17 58 78 74
    FAX # +973 17 58 75 84


    More to follow
    7ES620-7E484 Antilope.JPG 7ES620-7E484 Moka.JPG 7ES624-7E484 Antilope.JPG 7ES624-7E484 Taupe.JPG
  2. PATSY
    1. 7ES274-7E462 (Orange,Canelle) BD214 = $642

    1. 7ES656-7E468 (Camel,Sable,Brown) BD187 = $498
    7ES274-7E462 Canelle.JPG 7ES656-7E468 Camel.JPG 7ES656-7E468 Sable.JPG 7ES662-7E468 Rouge.JPG 7ES662-7E468 Sable.JPG
  3. BAY

    1. 7ES360-7E427 (Ecru,Canelle,Black) BD389 = $

    1. 7ES361-7E427 (Ecru,Canelle) BD325 = $

    This is all the information that was sent me so please contact Sacoche with any questions.

    I have not ordered from this source yet but understand from other threads on this forum that they sell authentic bags.
    7ES360-7E427 Ecru.JPG 7ES360-7E427 White.JPG 7ES361-7E427 Canelle.JPG 7ES361-7E427 White.JPG
  4. I know that the prices are missing on the last set of bags. That was all that was sent me.
  5. They also have the chain handle bettys in brun,chamois,galet, plus the large bettys in brun and in a light gray color.
  6. the prices in the last ones are in Bahrain Dinar
  7. How do we reach them? no one picks up at that number!
  8. Are you getting a bay:nuts:???? I want one sooo bad but not in the colors they have available. Well, I would like the canelle but I fear the color is too close to antilope.
    Did you try emailing them? Thats the only way I usually get a response from them:yes:.
  9. I got through and I am seriously thinking of the Canelle pending another bag sale!
  10. ^^^^ Your bag will definitely sell fast, so I guess canelle bay here you come!!!! Post lots and lots of modeling pics when you get her. I absolutely love the bay bag!!!
  11. Oh, Mona... I hope you do get it so I can stop lusting for it!!!
  12. Conversion: $1 USD - 2.65 BD. Small Canelle = $861!!! :wtf: I so need to be placed in a :wacko: padded room:hysteric: and restrained by a freakin' straight jacket, y'all!
  13. This is my first order with Sacoche boutique based on all the positive feedback of the TPF'ers ... But it's been three days since I've faxed through my credit card authorisation but I haven't heard from them at all! I've been trying to call the number(s) that were provided but still nothing ...

    Can anyone confirm that this is normal? Maybe they're just inundated with orders? Or maybe I'm just being too impatient ...
  14. It is ramadan and their mall opening/closing timings might be different. They are usually very slow with emails so thats normal but try to call them, you will get more answers by giving them a call.:yes:
  15. Thanks for your advice, Abi =')

    I'll keep holding my breath then ...!