*Sacoche Discounted SS08 list...anyone tempted ?*

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  1. I'm assuming some of you ladies have been emailed the Sacoche discounted SSO8 bags list (I received it yesterday which was a suprise :wtf: as I felt sure Irene would never want to deal with me again after the last 'difficult' :Push:transaction ).

    Anyway, for those who have received the list... is anyone tempted to bite :thinking: and if so, what's taken your fancy :love:?

    I think there's some reasonably good prices there and you'd be spoilt for choice if , for instance, you were in the market for a vinyl Heloise ( even the Python Helis, while still pricey, have come down quite a lot, but beware of those export laws girls :huh:)

    If there's anyone out there who hasn't received the list and wants to take a look, PM me with your email address and I'll send it on ;).
  2. I didn't get the list, could someone post it?
  3. I don't know how to post it here :confused1:, but if you PM me with your email address, I'll send it on to you :smile:.
  4. I was having a look but there isnt any Saskia of my fancy... i like some the python saskias, but price matters and custom hurdles will prevent me from even considering them...
    Therefore, i am not very likely to order from them... more keen on NAP or Luisa Via Roma's stuff...
  5. Well, I've taken a look, too, but I don't feel too tempted, either! I am awaiting a black patent Betty[​IMG], and then I will be the proud owner of five Chloé bags[​IMG], so my hunger is hopefully stilled for the moment! Of course the Heloises are very attractive, but I cannot afford one at the moment, will have to wait for sale season or very good deals[​IMG], which are not very probable at the moment! So I feel safe [​IMG]- for now![​IMG]
  6. :wacko: Oops, I think I was a bit hasty in offering to forward the list to anyone who wanted to see it. I have already had quite a large number of people asking me to send on the list and because the file is so big, it's gumming up our computer :Push:.

    It would probably be better for anyone I haven't already forwarded it to to email Irene directly and get her to send it over . Her email address is :

    Sorry about that girls but DH will kill me if I cause our computer to crash at the moment :s.