*Sacoche came up trumps !!!*

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  1. I've posted the whole nine yards on the end of this saga in the main Chloe strand, but wanted to go on record in the shopping strand with the news that in the end Irene / Sacoche came up trumps:woohoo: and this complicated saga involving the returned massive quilted Bay, store credit, non-appearance of the SS08 stock and then the python skin finale, had a happy ending:yahoo:.

    As compensation for all the problems I'd had over the last few months, the manager gave me a very good price on the bag which enabled me to buy an extra item (Bay wallet). I thought this was good PR on the part of Sacoche and has definitely left me feeling better disposed to the company that I had been feeling previously.

    As promised, the bag I finally used my store credit to buy (a Prune Heloise - pics on the main strand ) was delivered in record time ( three days from Bahrain to London) and Irene made every effort to help me out in respect of customs charges.

    So all's well that ends well :tup: - thanks to everyone that has listened to my endless carping about this situation and for all your support,advice and empathy - it was much appreciated :ty:.
  2. Tag ~

    I am Soooo Happy for you.:yahoo:

    Please post Modeling Pictures and tell us how you like Heloise :girlsigh:

    Kitty :flowers:
  3. OMG...thats fantastic! but now we need pics of the bag..

    forget it....just saw the fabulous pics on the main thread!
  4. :flowers:Thanks ladies...I've posted a few pics on the main Chloe strand and on the Heloise reference strand, but what the hell....here's one of them again...

    Attached Files:

  5. Gosh I swoon every time I look at that purple thing. Yeah for Sacoche!!!!
  6. Now I feel guilty for driving Irene crazy:wacko: with my endless :rant: emails, but I guess I did have pretty good grounds for being dissatisfied :cursing:. Anyway, it's all ok now and I bet she's over the moon :yahoo::happydance: to be rid of me :devil: ! I think it might be best if I leave things on a good note though :tup: and don't trouble Sacoche again with my business :lol:.
  7. OMG, my jaw just dropped open at the site of that gorgeous bag. Forget the black, i am in :love: with that prune one. So pleased she came to you in good time. Enjoy :flowers:
  8. Beautiful -- congrats and whoo-hoo!!
  9. :ty:Ilson and LBB...I don't think I'll be discarding my Black Heli :nogood: but she'll definitely have to share my attention from now on with her Prune sister :yes::lol:.
  10. Yeah Tag!! It was all meant to be!!! Sometimes they make ya work for it! :smile:That bag seems to me like she was sooooo....worth it - gorgeous! WOW! Yaay for you!!
  11. :smooch:Thanks Purse4u...she was definitely worth the wait :yes: ! I can't believe that I was so doubtful :s about the colour before she arrived ( but why Chloe describe it as 'Prune' I'll never know :confused1:, given that prunes are a dark brown/almost black shade...or all the prunes I've ever seen certainly are...unless prunes are a different colour in Italy perhaps :nuts:)

  12. All your hard efforts and subsequent disappointments were worth the bag you received in the end! Bar none!!!!!!!
  13. Loveeeee your new Heloise, gorgeous colour...:yahoo::nuts::tup:
    ...but I think I prefer she in black. If you decide to discard she, please, please, let me know :drool::rolleyes:
  14. :smooch:Thanks Susie xxx
  15. Scarcici - I think the chances of my discarding the Black Heli are about as likely as my sticking to a bag ban for the rest of my life :nogood:, but if such a thing should come to pass you'll be the first one on the re-homing list :tup:.