Sacoche Boutique Chloe Sale

  1. Hi ladies,

    I received an email about a sale of Chloes in Sachoche Bahrain. They've got Bays ($856 - $1200), Maggies ($1263), Patsys ($573), Betty ($740) capsule Paddies ($1300), Chloe Logos ($498), Elvires ($1200). But no Ediths sadly.

    The photos and prices are in Excel format so please PM me your email address if you want me to forward the email to you.

    For those interested, Sacoche is an authorised retailer of Chloes, but you may want to check out previous posts and threads about the amount of shipping and customs duties you'll have to pay. Generally though, they've been quite "good" (i.e., they don't declare the actual amount) with customs declarations.

    Happy shopping! :yes:

  2. there's no medium paddies? not the capsule ones:p