Sacoche Boutique are having a sale....

  1. Ladies, I had an e-mail from the Sacoche boutique in Bahrain this afternoon letting me know they have some bags on sale. They sent me piccies and prices.

    Some examples:

    Quilted Bay in Cannelle, Ecru and Moka - $856
    Non quilted Bay in elephant, paille and rouge - $1200
    Capsule Paddington bags in Moka and Bois - $1173
    Betty in Chamois, Gray & Brun - $740
    Elvire in Elephant, Maroon, Noir & Moka $1200

    Plus more but these are the ones that caught my eye.

    If you would like me to forward the e-mail on to you let me know!

    Their telephone number is 00973 17580570.

    I'm officially not in the running for anything having bought two bags recently, and the only thing that would make me fall off the wagon would be a Heloise!
  2. How much is their shipping to the US? I've never purchased from them before, and what is the procedure like? Thanks!
  3. They are really nice to deal with. I bought a quilted Moka Bay from them recently and had no problems whatsoever. I ordered it on the Saturday morning and it arrived on the Tuesday.

    You can either complete a credit card authorisation form over e-mail or on the phone. I can't remember exactly how much the postage was (I live in the UK), but you can ask them when and if you phone. I know it wasn't excessive. And they don't declare the true value of the bag so you don't get whacked by duty.

    Let us know if you take the plunge!
  4. Hi, can you pls send me the email my addy is This is a legit Chloe seller?

  5. Yes they are an authorised retailer of Chloe bags and are listed on

    Will send you the info.
  6. Hi SallyC would love it if you could forward the email to me too at, many thanks
  7. I was just coming here to post this! I have ordered from Sacoche twice before and they are great!!!

    Here are some of their pics:
    image001.jpg image003.jpg image005.jpg image020.jpg image021.jpg
  8. and more:
    image006.jpg image007.jpg image009.jpg image021.jpg image025.jpg
  9. still more:

    (there were two that were too large so those are missing, and a lot were duplicates so I'm having some problems - sorry)
    image012.jpg image014.jpg image015.jpg image017.jpg image027.jpg
  10. more! phew!
    image029.jpg image031.jpg image033.jpg image035.jpg image023.jpg
  11. Do they just stock Chloe or do they offer other naughty temptations too?
  12. No problem.
  13. Well done, I was trying to figure out how to do that!
  14. Hi Jenova, I'm pretty sure it's just a Chloe boutique.
  15. That Elvire bag has got me drooling. Such a good price, too. :drool: