1. If anyone is interested, there are several quilted bays on sale in Sacoche in Bahrain, they ship internationally.
    They have ecru, white and canelle in the medium size and the same colors plus black in the large size.
    They also have several Patsys (available in three colors).
    Prices are as follows:
    medium Bay: 450 BD or $1200
    large bay: 406 BD or $1083

  2. Oh! I forgot, their number is 0097317587874, I talked to ANN and she was very helpful!
  3. They are a great store to buy from!
  4. OK, I give up. Who/what is Sacoche? Is it a person or a store? If the latter, is there a website? Thanks!
  5. Lulu, Sacoche is the authorized dealer of Chloe as well as Balenciagas in Bahrain. If you look up the Chloe website, you'll find Sacoche's address under Bahrain. If you do order from there, keep in mind that they charge a conversion fee if your money is in US dollars. They're still a really great deal though. I've bought a mini kerala bag from them. You can probably do a search and find out more information as they've been discussed in the forum before. Hope this helps.
  6. What happened to the emails they use to send out? They were really good about letting us know about sales.

    I got a few good deals from them.