Sacoche Bahrain 30-40% off

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  1. Per an email today... styles, colors, prices in attached screenshots

    30-40% off select POM, CITY, MIDDAY, WORK, FOLDER, HOBO, PT (only 1 - Autumn)

    Sacoche Bahrain

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  2. More...

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  3. And lastly...

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  4. I wonder why I didn't get this email. I've gotten all of the Chloe notices, but not anything for Balenciaga. Huh.
  5. Don't feel bad, I did not get one either.

  6. Thank you so much for posting Ellie Mae!
  7. Is this the same store that lovelygarmets had problems with (they either double charged her or sent the wrong bag or something - I can't remember)?
  8. Look in your spam folder. That's where mine was.


    Thanks Ellie Mae!

    beaux, some have had problems--kobe93 comes to mind, but I purchased my SGH Sanguine Day from them with no problems.
  9. wow, thanks for posting... too bad they dont have any briefs..
  10. o0o thanks for posting! does anyone know what's retail on a folder?
  11. Thanks for posting!!! That ivory hobo is yummmmy.
  12. "J," yes, I did have a problem. It was really strange. During one of their sales, I requested several bags. When the charges came through, I paid all of them. Several months later, I was reviewing my charges, and I discovered that one of the bags that I had ordered had not been shipped. I contacted them about it, and they acknowledged that the bag had not been shipped. I was told on two separate occasions that they would credit my Amex. However, they never did. Ultimately, Merlyn offered to send me a granny SGH part-time to replace the bag that was never sent. I accepted her offer because it did not appear that I would ever receive the Amex credit.

    My granny SGH part-time is lovely. All of my other purchases with them went smoothly. I would never place a large order with them again. I think they were confused with the sale (very hectic the day that I placed my order) and a large order from me. I would only order one or two pieces at a time to make sure that the charges were correct.

    And I learned my lesson. Always review your credit card bills thoroughly. I had become rather lax in doing that. My time had expired for working the problem out with Amex, so I was really stuck.

    Would I order from them again? Yes, but only a piece or two at a time.

    Go girls - they have some great looking bags! :smile:
  13. how do i place an order with them?
  14. Email Josephine at the email addy I posted.

    You are welcome girls, have fun!!
  15. Thanks for posting Ellie Mae. Some good deals to be had here. Hope some girls can get in on them
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