Sacoche - Anyone heard from Irene lately ?

  1. I have tried to contact Irene @Sacoche three times now via email and had no response :cursing:. Since they have quite a large amount of my money tied up in store credit, I'm getting a bit concerned about this :s. Has anyone been in contact with Irene lately and moreover, does anyone know whether Sacoche have got the SS08 stock in yet ?
  2. I have sent an e-mail a a few weeks ago and they replied but didn't answer any of my questions. I tried calling yestrday and no one answers the phones there! Weird!!!
  3. Hummm must be some sort of spiritual holiday. The last time they were gone for a lengthy period they were recognizing Ramadan. Seriously, they were absent for a long time.

    Gals? When you do talk or write to them (and you will) please ask about SANDALS from Chloe!!!!!
  4. Well I highly doubt it! I am muslim and we don't really have any holidays/spiritual days right now.

  5. Hummm? It was a shot in the dark, I'll admit?
  6. Finally got a reply from Irene today - definitely no chance of a refund :sad: and they STILL:cursing: haven't got the SS08 collection in stock. She reckons they 'might' have it in by the end of this month :s.
  7. By the time they get the new collection:push:, they may have to reduce prices because other shops will be marking them down:tdown:...
  8. Uh oh, Maria! That's what I've been worrying about. If they have the purple patent Bay in - what am I going to do? You saw Bal's purse.....

  9. I'd make it clear to Irene (in a nice way of course) since you have $$$ on the table you would like to be the first one notified when the SS08 collection comes into stock....and that you expect to hear from her ASAP at the end of the month...:hysteric:
  10. Dont worry... you are on a ban, so you will NOT purchase anything until your CC balance allows you to do so.. :sweatdrop:

    Repeat it with me: I am on a ban... I am on the strictest ban...:push:

    Otherwise, try to sell a bag that you are not using in order to get some cash... That's what I am planning to do with a couple of my babies...:angel:
  11. hi all!wow, i've got some catching up to do (been ill but getting better reading u all!)I've been thinking about Irene too lately cos she's also got a deal with me after all that mess about my bay:cursing: ...she's meant to send the new collection asap, so i guess that means in a few weeks!!That's gonna give me time to put a bit of cash aside for an extra...:wlae:
  12. flower - we are going to have to live vicariously through you so good to hear that you are in better health. SOMEBODY has to carry the torch. I wonder what it is you are after, hmmmm?
  13. Have they had any sales recently? THey're usually good about sending emails but I haven't gotten one in a long time.
  14. I was wondering the same thing!?! They do usually have sales around this time and I haven't received an email from in ages:s. I wonder does this have anything to do with the customs stuff from a while back. It's been since then that the emails stopped:shrugs:.
  15. My bag made it thorough without custom fees? The last emailing on Chloe merchandise was in mid two months? Let's just wait a little longer. After all they didn't get any new stock that we know of?

    Div did get an emailing in January on Balenciaga stuff on sale (and I didn't..miffed).....