Sac-Religious Twiggy... The NIGHTMARE has only begun...

  1. Well, lovelies, recall that Religious Lilac Twiggy that I BINd last week for $675? I paid about $650 too much for it. Why you ask? Behold the pictures.

    I went in knowing full well about the ":heart: Jesus" on the mirror, and didn't care about the mirror as long as the bag itself was in perfect condition. Well, ladies, the Jesus freak ("freak" being the operative term, given that I too love Jesus) has also written ON THE BAG ITSELF :wtf: . On the very bottom. The bag is in perfect, never been used condition... except for the GRAFFITI on it!!!!!:shocked:

    I just about fell over in my chair when this bag arrived today. Horror of horrors. I immediately flew off two emails to her, one through ebay and one to her email address directly. I demanded a full refund given that the GRAFFITI negates its purported "perfect" "no scratches and marks" condition.

    It gets worse. SHE RESPONDS WITH A DENIAL!! She's in shock, has no idea what I'm talking about. Tells me it was in perfect condition before it left, so something must have happened with DHL or maybe I did something to it. That's right. She suggested that I wrote on it myself so I can get a refund.... A REFUND!!! Demanded pictures. After I emailed her the picture, she stopped responding. Haven't heard a peep from her in 5 hours. She's left my last 4 of emails and messages unanswered.

    To be continued. You don't mess with Decophile and get off scott free.:mad:
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  2. that's crazy...It's obvious that she did it...she wrote on the mirror, stands to reason she wrote on the bag itself!! And why would you go through the ordeal of buying the bag and paying for shipping...for a refund? Obviously you bought it because you wanted it. (sans grafitti , of course)

    File a complaint and I'm sure this will be a no brainer even for ebay.

    I'm soooo sick of scam artists and liars.
  3. Thanks Varsha. I'm sick of them too. And I wanted this bag! Why would anyone write on a bag, much less a Balenciaga? Talk about sacrilege! I don't even put bumper stickers on my car, and can't begin to imagine writing on a bag with a big old honking marker! How does a person like this even have the good sense to buy a Balenciaga in the first place? Doesn't compute.
  4. she is crazy.....
    tell her that jesus would not appreciate her lying to you......
  5. i had to laugh at this comment, me_love_purse! i totally agree!

    i can't believe the seller did that to the bag. :wtf: i've been watching the religious twiggy since that first time i posted that listing in achtung! it was never mentioned in any of the listings that the bag had been written on, only the mirror.

    that seller owes you an apology and a refund! it even looks like the writing on the bag might be recent as she didn't try to erase as she did with the writing on the mirror. :s
  6. ^I'm starting to think that the whole Jesus thing was a front to lend her instant credibility and piety. I gave her the benefit of the doubt while she was exchanging emails with me, but she started to piss me off suggesting that I could have done it myself. But even then I held it together and tried to resolve and get to the bottom of things. But she has since dropped out of sight and squandered what little benefit of the doubt I'd given her. If this were my listing and my item arrived damaged and I had no idea how, I wouldn't be hiding and avoiding rational discussion.

    She even said something absurd like "I only carried that twice, and never had a black marker lying around." Huh? what does that have to do with anything? You sure had a purple one lying around, so what makes a black one so special and rare?
  7. i guess i should mention that i was not trying to offend anyone with my comments. i just dont like how she lied to decophile.

    decophile, i hope everything is okay and works out in your favor.
  8. No offense taken whatsoever, and I'm Christian :flowers:. It's an obvious irony to point out. thanks for your support.
  9. What a complete idiot the seller is - I am totally disgusted with her treatment of you and the bag.
  10. ^^ deco you're probably right...I had a buttsy buyer of some lotion I sold on ebay and after she sent me some weirdly bossy emails when she didn't get her lotion instantly (even though I mailed her when I sent it and sent her the tracking info to show it was on the way) she then had the nerve to write some incomprehensible babble about how she's a christian and wanted to tell me that so that I'd know her had nothing to do with anything..and she was so weird and demanding in her previous emails it was borderline disrespectful. then she tells me she's a Christian. I was like HUH??? Who cares? I'm just selling you this lotion!?? (didn't say that but wanted to)

    A lot of people who don't have a natural sense of ethics seem to hide behind their religion...

    maybe she needed to write that on her bag as a constant reminder of things that don't occur naturally to her (LOL)
    (don't mean to offend anyone either)
  11. And can anybody decipher what's written on the bag?
  12. I was trying to figure that out...I thought maybe WWJD like what would jesus do..but don't think that's right..

    Maybe she's in high school and thought this was her binder????
    Can't believe she would deface 1000 dollar bag
  13. Wow, Decophile, I'm speechless!! Believe me, you've got support here!
  14. Varsha, that's a good guess given her obsession...
    ssm, thank you so much. this is a real drag. what a killjoy... waiting anxiously for a delivery, tearing through the wrappings with excitement, and then this! And then the seller's insult added to injury.
  15. :cursing: Unfreakingbelievable. I would be so pissed but it's hard not to laugh. I promise I won't though. :P I think that she is NUTS! :wtf: I hope that you used a charge card. There is no question that she knew exactly what she was doing. From now on I ask for pictures of every sqare inch of any bag I even think about bidding on with ebay. Now I lost all of the teensy little bit of confidence I was beginning to have.
    I had a bad feeling about this bag throughout the entire ordeal. Deco, you did better than I would have done. I would have lost it with her when she accused me of writing it on there or even better the carrier took it out of the box and wrote on it with black marker like she had already done on the mirror. Right!! She's a liar and a NUT! :cursing: