Sac Rayures PM and more..! (A bit long..)=D

  1. Met DH during his lunch this afternoon and I decided to drop by LV store which is just around the corner since it was still drizzling for me to walk home.
    I have my 4mth old with me so I told myself I'm just going to get the new vernis cles and maybe the Miroir Heart/cosmetic case if they're already available here - that's big shopping. With the pram, it's not going to be convenient to push the pram with shopping bags.
    But guess what?! I ended up...
    - first getting myself a Roxbury Drive in Amarante (actually I prefer the Noisette but there's no stock, and I was told none is coming as they are discontinuing it).
    - And then I saw the Sac Rayures PM..surprisingly is beautiful IRL that I just have to get it since it's limited edition!! (The GM is nice but I have too many big bags already). And oh yes, I got the tag heat stamped at the same time.
    - And of course finally I got the Cles in Pomme! (I almost got a silk scarf but it was the last piece and it has the thread I didn't).
    The Miroir Heart & cosmetic case would only be available on Valentine so I put my name on the waitlist.

    By the time I was done with my shopping, it was still raining so I called for a cab. My SA told me to stay in the store while waiting for my cab to arrive, and they served me orange juice!
    In the end, the cab service couldn't find me an available cab (due to friday, rush hours and of course with the rain, everyones calling for a cab). So my SA insisted on walking with me to help carry my heavy shopping bags ( without the box it might not be heavy..but I had to ask for them since it's raining) till the end of the busy street. And that was like a 10min walk in the rain!
    Wow..I can't believe how the service here goes all the way! Not only the SA who served me was nice..but all the SAs there!:tup:
    And best of all, not only I had a wonderful shopping experience..but my baby was having a good time the whole time we were there. He seems to like it there!:woohoo:(more reason for me to spend more time in LV..haha)

    Alright..enough talking now enjoy the photos.;)
    DSC06492.jpg Roxbury Drive_Amarante.jpg DSC06489.jpg DSC06510.jpg Cles_Pomme.jpg
  2. Oh WOW great additions. Love them all. Too cute that your little guy liked it there
  3. Okay..this is nothing much for most of you here..but it's the first time I receive the catalogue book! So I just have to add the pic. :p
    Le Catalogue.jpg
  4. Nice stuff, congrats on your new purchases!
  5. ThankU! Yeah, I can't wait for tomorrow (Sat) so I can start using one of the bags!:nuts:
  6. Lovely Rayeur!
  7. Great purchases!! All gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. Congrats .. great purchases:love:
  9. I love your new LE Rayeur and Cles.

    Congrats!!!! :yahoo:
  10. Thanks everyone. :smile:
    Ok, now I'm feeling is it Rayures or Rayeur?:p
    I look at my receipt that's what it's stated as - Sac "Rayures"
  11. May I enquire what store you purchased the cles from??
  12. wow - I LOOOVE the rayeur PM - can I ask dimensions - or do you have a modelling picture? Sorry, since the search is currently disabled I can't find any other info. Can I also ask the price?
  13. Hi,
    I purchased it from the Castlereigh Sydney store.
  14. really love the rayeur! congrats! ;)
  15. Congratulations! They're all so gorgeous!