sac raba / city bag?

  1. [​IMG]

    i found this on a french re-seller's site and it's nicely priced at Euro 700 or so. i adore vintage pieces, so i'd love to know whether anyone has this bag and how you like it. it looks like it might make a nice briefcase/purse for days when there's too much to schlepp to fit in the kelly . . . .
  2. Wow, DQ......what a beautiful bag! I don't think I've ever seen one like you know how old she is? And what a nice, soft color. I like it....I think it would make a nice briefcase......let me see if I can find this style in one of my books.....
  3. Oh la la- B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L color and bag!! I hope you find some info on it shopmom!
  4. No.....haven't found anything yet. There IS one that's sort of similar but without the rings at the handles and it's not a shoulder bag. More of a briefcase. But not this bag exactly. Oiy....
  5. dq - my catalogue has it listed as a sac Kaba....H40 x W50 x D11 or H30 x W40 x D8.........
  6. the 40cm would make a nice briefcase?
  7. thanks for looking into it for me!

    pseudo-briefcase is exactly what i'm thinking -- i hate real briefcases, but there are times i must haul a plethora of papers and need something that works like one . . .

    still waiting to hear back from the seller on dimensions and age.

    :heart: y'all for the help. :flowers:
  8. Could you say me where do you find this so intelligent Hermes bag?
    I'm looking for one like that !
    Have they an website?
    If yes, we ALL would like to know.
  9. DQ-you are doing an amazing job finding these incredible and rare pieces!