Sac Plats for Feb07?

  1. Are these the new men's Sac Plats arriving in Feb07? If they are i can't wait!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Apparently so... I'm not really a fan... :s
  3. I like them, I wonder how much???
  4.'s okie, but I like the carryall type of luggage bag with yellow flowers(?) better lol......
  5. I like the black on the the right.
  6. They don't really look LV tho...i wonder what line they're from...
  7. Distressed leather... isn't that the new "Bequia" leather line or something like that?
  8. hmm. a lot of the lv stuff is straying away from "lv" recently.
  9. I brought this yesterday. I am not sure whether I am going to keep it yet.

    It is from the Kangaroo line... it was almost $2000 with tax.

    The leather is a vintage treated leather, it is Kangaroo leather. The bag is the size of a regular Sac Plat with elongated handles. The way the leather is treated reminds me of the leather Balenciaga uses. The lining is the same lining as the Suhali - silk and has little LVs. The little amount of gold hardware it has is somewhat overwhemling because it's so shiny and makes it seem more suited for winter, especially since mine is the darker color. The color is not actually black, it is a really really dark ashy brown. One of the nice things about the bag is the tag that says Louis Vuitton Paris is done in hardware on the inside. The front top in between the straps have the words 'LOUIS VUITTON' pressed in. There is also vertical V-shaped stitching going down the bag. There is also a zippered pocket on the inside with a new type of zipper pull.

    Pictures would be great, I know... I keep saying I'll post pictures but I don't have access to a good camera for the past couple of weeks and I am never home... :sad:
  10. look kinda man-baggy to me... not very attractive at all...
  11. I like them a lot. Less structured than your father's briefcase! Sexy in my opinion. All the men should go out and buy them. And, Aluminum you would look great with one!
  12. I don't really care for them either. Looks tooo much like bashed up Balenciaga and I'm not a Bbag fan to begin with.
  13. I love these ... PLEASE post photos:yes:

  14. Me, too! I want it for myself.
  15. Ugh I dont like at all!!