Sac Plat

  1. I have been at my LV store today, and i have to admit, i am in love with the mono sac plat.
    But, do you guys think it is appropiate for 5'6'' and 110lb?
    Can i wear it also for shopping or only to caring docs/ laptop?
    Is mono appropiate for banking business??

    All opinions are highly appreciated!!!!

  2. I too kind of like to look of the Sac Plat.. I think the price is a little too high though. I think you could wear it however you wanted! :yes:
  3. I think you could use it for shopping too and it's very appropriate for work!
  4. I love the sac plat but like it better in damier than mono, I have it in epi it's adorable and gets lots of compliments but it doesn't fit much it's perfect for papers and files but other things can be a little ackward

    Here's mine (I just love to show her off) the colour is discontinued but look how pretty she is in epi!
    Sac Plat.jpg sac plat & bandeau.jpg
  5. i'm not a fans, sorry :sad:
  6. I love the monogram sac plat too and I've been contemplating whether or not I should get it.
    Ofcourse it would be great for carrying documents and laptop..and even shopping.
    On whether if it's appropriate for banking my opinion, that would depend if you always need to carry your sac plat around. It it's just to carry your stuffs to work and leave it at your desk, I think it should be fine.. But if you'll be carrying it alot around like meeting clients etc, it's better to go for Damier or Epi (thou I love the monogram!!).
    Just my opinion..;)
  7. i wouldn't suggest laptop in it, unless it's those ultra slim version becuase all the weight is on one shoulder. I :heart: Damier Sac Plat, and for some reason, this is the only bag in LV where Damier is more pricy than mono:shrugs:
  8. I am using my Cerises Sac Plat today as a matter of fact. I use mine as an everyday bag and it can be cumbersome for me at times but I still love it, I carry it like the speedy, handheld or in the crook of the arm.
  9. I would love one in Epi black or Damier. I say go for it! It would totally make a great everyday bag and double as a work bag.
  10. I have yet too use her but my latest purchase was a damier sac plat. She is a beuaty totally appropriate for business
  11. I love the Sac Plat and have considered getting one myself in Cerises or Epi.

    It is so unique and you can wear it to go shopping or to go to work, IMO.
  12. i love the damier sac plat. i want one for when i finally get a job.
  13. I love it for work! It's a great work looking bag.
  14. I have Cerises Sac Plat and I adore it! I am 5'6'' and 125lbs. and I use this bag a lot. It fits my laptop, files and some books (not all at the same time depending on the sizes). I think it is a chic way to tote around all sorts of things!
  15. I use my mono for work almost everyday. Great for toting files and papers.