Sac Plat - what do you use it for

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  1. hi, I am always intrigued with this bag when I see it around town. If you have one - what do you use it for??

    Does the monogram get soft and slouchy like a speedy? I assume the epi sac plat is always stiff??
  2. I have one in Monogram Canvas and it's one of the smart casual bags I use when I go out. Mine is still fairly new so there's no slouching yet, but I imagine if it were to slouch it wouldn't be as obvious as on the Speedy. Epi would definitely be more stiff; then again the Sac Plat is a fairly structured bag to begin with, in whatever material.

    Here's mine:


  3. I'm glad someone asked this, I too am intriqued? What's it for?
  4. The Sac Plat is a shopping tote. No zipper or closures on top, just open for easy access. Its a great companion for a trip to the mall or for carrying anything that's not bulky/very heavy.
  5. If I had one I'd use it for putting documents and files in.
  6. O:huh: great thread! I was looking into one as well. Does anyone know why the Damier Sac Plat is priced higher than the Monogram one? just curious...
  7. I have a cerises sac plat and it is very structured, no slouching around here. I use it as one of my everyday bags and it can be cumbersome at times but I carry it like a speedy- hand held or in the crook of the arm and it's great. It fits all my stuff and I tend to carry quite a bit.
  8. I always wondered about this bag too! Thanks for asking! :yes:
  9. My mom had one in the 80s that she used for shopping!
  10. my mom used hers to carry papers for teaching
  11. i think i prefer the porte documents to the sac flat.
  12. The Damier has a different lining than the Mono Canvas Sac Plat.
  13. I love this bag, and when I get a car, I am gonna use this for work to tote about my A4 documents in absolute style!!!!!!!!! :P