Sac Plat Owners??? Lovers??

  1. ...anyone out there with a sac plat? i've always wanted one in damier. i saw it today on display in Saks and it is just as STUNNING as ever. but i'm really not sure of the shape. is it practical? what do you use your sac plat for?? any comments? photos?? let's share the sac plat love...... :nuts: :wlae:
  2. I LOVE the Sac Plat. I hope to get one in Epi or Damier Canvas one day? :nuts:
  3. I want a sac plat. It's my next brand new purchase when I save up my money for it.

    This is vain...but I want it for shopping. I would love carry my school books in it too.
  4. Lol..I hate to say it..but I don't really like it. I don't know what it is..I guess I just think it should have longer handles for being such a large bag. I feel the same way about the vernis Reade MM. :shame:
  5. ^^^ Yeah I never understood why the Reade MM has small handles?
  6. I have the Cerises Sac Plat and I use it at the office a lot. Good to hold files and docs.
  7. i absolutely love the damier sac plat...i think it's because it's really structured..i've seen ppl with the mono sac plat out fits on the shoulder...

    then again i don't need to carry documents in my when i get a job i may not need a sac plat for it...(maybe i should change fields for a damier sac plat :love:)

    would love to get one one day!
  8. I like the look of it, but not sure yet if I personally would get one, until I seen IRL.
  9. I have a monogram sac plat that I love. I use it for work, so I put files etc. inside. It's a great bag, particularly now that they have added a cell phone pocket inside. It's a bit of a challenge to learn how to pack it "vertically", but it is a very functional design - and still relatively affordably priced. I wish I had bought it a few years ago when it was something like $600!
  10. I have been aching for a Mono or epi Sac Plat. I have played around with my friend's bag and I really like it -- the only thing as somone mentioned is that it doesn't give alot regarding width so you have to learn how to pack vertically -- I look at it as a real life game of Jenga!
  11. Brian, dont get one. You're above it. Especially Damier!