Sac Plat: mono or damier?

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  1. [​IMG]



    As I continue my ho-ish ways ;) and build my collection, I'm now intrigued with this. After seeing this IRL I'm suddenly smitten :love: . Does this only work with super flat things like files or can it hold a wallet, sunnies case, or other wider things without looking too bulky?

    Any real-life road testers...lemme know! TIA! :flowers:
  2. Damier :nuts::yes:! i'm planning to get that for a work bag too; it's so classy and doesn't scream LV
  3. ^^ I love the Damier too, Sandra! It has the red lining, cell phone pocket and d-ring so I guess I could attach a pochette inside for the smaller things? I'm not sure how wide the "wide, open top" is but will check it out.
  4. I saw a girl at the mall with a Damier Sac Plat. I loved it! It looked so cute on her.
  5. I'd pick the damier. However, the sac plat just wasn't for me. I got the cerises one and it really was just too uncomfortable IRL(I ordered it over the phone). I'd recommend testing it out first if you can.
  6. I've gone back and forth over this same question... MC or Damier. I'm leaning toward the Damier, but I can't afford it till spring anyway, so I may change my mind.
  7. I'd go for Damier too, I've seen the mono IRL and it just didn't look right, IMHO.
  8. damier....
  9. I had a monogram one but sold it. It's a beautiful bag but I'm just too short for it. (5 feet.) You can't go wrong with it but if I were to buy it a second time, I'd get the damier since not as many people have it.
  10. I would go with the Damier!
  11. For work...go with Damier!
  12. Damier all the way!
  13. I prefer the Damier because the pattern takes to the shape nicely
  14. Damier!!!
  15. I like the damier.