Sac Plat mono $ decrease from $890 to $845?..

  1. That's what I read on another website. Not 100% sure if that's correct or already been posted, but there it is. Damier is still $890.
  2. I just saw it too, hmm, I wonder if this is similar to the BH's going down...
  3. Yup. we're gonna have to keep scouring, i bet a couple others fall as well. : ). The cabbas mezzo seems a tad overpriced.
  4. Why are some prices going this an indication that some are going to be discontinued, or just that they are not as popular?
  5. What is going on here??????? I am sooo perplexed by LV right now??:shrugs:
  6. another decrease? whoa, what's going on?
  7. I honestly do believe its because of the American dollar -- its gotten weaker over the last year or so compared to the Euro. If they kept prices at the same point - it would be costing US folks more than other places to buy certain pieces ---this is totally my guess here so feel free to blow it out the water.
  8. Does anyone know if LV does this frequently or have been done before??

    I know that they keep certain styles low like the speedy and alma for accesability and b/c they are the more "common" style and so is priced as such....

    Is the styles that are being decreased in price now in that "common" catagory???? :shrugs:
  9. I wish I knew a full list of what's going down, too bad I'm on a monogram ban or I'd feel much happier about all of these decreases.
  10. hmm.. maybe because they are so popular?? I don't know:shrugs:
  11. where as i would not try to blow you out of the water,;)
    i would say that i am not sure that statement jives with the recent price increased lvmh has been implementing to ensure that their brand stays exclusive. they would almost rather we NOT be able to afford the brand. a price decrease just does not fly with that state of mind.

    just my two cents. someone can feel free to blow that out of the water too!
  12. Doesn't it seem like the opposite would be true? When the dollar is worth more in comparison to the Euro, European goods and travel become cheaper. A weaker dollar shouldn't be causing that. Of course, they may be operating on different logic.
  13. Do you think the bags are decreasing in value maybe?
  14. Noooo! I can't believe this is happening. All the other brands are increasing prices... LV will end up like coach! Also it's not a good thing to do because it will make the consumers hesitate to buy because the item might actually decrease in price after a while!? Hrm... As long as it doesen't happen to any of the lines I get. =P
  15. I am waiting for LH drop the price