Sac Plat Help!!!

  1. Can this bag fit over the shoulder??? I am really interested in getting one but I want it to fit over my shoulder...
  2. if you're tiny yet.
  3. I am 5 foot 6 inches and 130lbs. (just for size reference) and I can just get it over my shoulder, but not with a jacket on etc. It really is just designed to be a hand held as it is not very comfortable on the shoulder. I hope that helps.

    On a side note, I have the Cerise Sac Plat and it is one of my favorite bags. So if you are interested this is a fantastic bag!
  4. I've got epi Pm yes it just goes over the shoulder but it doesn't really work like that as a bag it doesn't feel right
  5. My denim sac plat fits on the shoulder (but not with a bulky jacket).
  6. I'm pretty sure it will fit over your shoulder if you have tiny arms.

    However, I believe the Sac Plat was meant for handheld only.
  7. Interesting that the Sac Plat is advertised as for women, whereas the Goyard equivalent is advertised as for men. Anyone have an opinion on an Epi Sac Plat for a guy? Is it feminine IRL? Does the bottom scratch easily?
  8. no it doesn't.
  9. If you have skinny arms it might but it looks like it'd be very uncomfortable and awkward to wear like that due to its rigid shape.
  10. I've in non-mono material and it's fit for my shoulder.
  11. I think it's meant to be hand held. If you want a shoulder bag, I wouldn't suggest getting the Sac Plat.
  12. I have the damier sac plat and it can fit if you are petite. However it is super uncomfortable. Its really meant to be a hand held.
  13. It is a very gender neutral bag. I think it looks excellent in Damier, although I do not see the value in this one bag in particular.
  14. It definitely won't fit over your shoulder from your modelling pics.. I think it's meant more to be handheld for documents and the such.

    Don't worry, it looks hot just held on the hand ! :yes:
  15. The Black Epi is nice...and it's also a bargain when compared to the Goyard...