Sac Plat for Men?

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  1. I once saw a guy with a damier Sac Plat and it was sooooo gorgeous, but this bag was orginally designed for women as a shopping bag. But recently on the men's Fall 2009 I saw the Sac Plac in a quilted Monogram leater and is starting to make me want it now as a guys bag. What's your view on it?

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  2. I think it's fine I considered getting one in Damier or Epi but im not too fond of the foot ball quilting:s
  3. The bag is definitely unisex, however I think it won't fit much due to its shape. I'd go for a Graphite Tadao!
  4. I like it in Damier ebene....
  5. i am not a fan of the sac plat but the quilted version shown abouve has my stamp of approval for now
  6. I think ,too that it is unisex :smile:
  7. I have 2 Sac Plat and I LVoe them. I have the Monogram Canvas as well as the Epi Leather in Pepper.

    Here are the old pics of me with them:


  8. Definately get one. It is a great bag for a man.
  9. ahhhhhhhh, your epi sac plat is amazing. i want one so badly now.

  10. I definitely think the sac plat is unisex, go for it if you like it :tup:
  11. Two male SA's at my LV carry Sac Plats and they look great with them.
  12. i like the newer handles much more and have a more masculine cut.
    the ones on the monogram and epi and damier seem much more feminine.

    personally, i really like the hexagonal quilted monogram canvas.
  13. I love the runway version of the Sac Plat. I wonder how much it will cost?

    To answer your question Renzo, it's a unisex bag IMO! It all depends on your style and what you want to do with it.
  14. I would have to agree - this bag is very unisex!:tup:
  15. yep it's definitely unisex, however, if you're considering the sac plat in epi you better hurry as it has been discontinued! But i'm sure you can find some hanging around in stores.