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  1. Can I ask what this bag is used for/how do you use it ? To me it just looks like a bag i'd get from a clothing store.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I have a cerise sac plat and really like the bag. It's got space without the bulk like a Stam or some other type of bag that goes out sideways... I "organize" my things in the bag so that they're all "standing up" in the bag. I use it as a purse, but I believe it was originally designed to be a document/folder carrier.

    Plus I think it makes me look taller and leaner. My friends have actually told me I'm not crazy, it does make me look thin!
  3. hmm I never thought about it being used a purse.
  4. one of the SA uses an epi sac plat as his briefcase/workbag/paperbag/'s really cute, not very bulky...if you need to carry a lot w/you, it probably won't work, but a few folders, a couple notebooks, a planner and a wallet, and you're good to go.
  5. basically a vertical briefcase..
  6. A teacher from my school has a flat shopper and use it as her briefcase, she stuffs inside folders, notebooks, papers, etc. And in the front pockets little stuff as pencils, pens, chalks, etc. Oboiusly in a plastic bag imagine all of that getting dirty the suede...

    It looks useful, and you get as bonus a denim item, it always goes with everything...
  7. I found no functionality in the sac I turned down the Cerises Sac gorgeous as that item is...
  8. Yeah i'm finding that unless you have files/books that sort of thing i dont think i'd have much use for it either.
    Thus my asking about it.
  9. I always wonder about that too. It's so pretty to look at but I am always curious about how functional is this bag. Oh well..:smile:
  10. Well, i think it can be very practical and functional as a work bag (office). Like most of you said, you can put folders, paperworks. Howver, i'm not so sure a/b using it as a purse to go out. May be only for happy hour afterwork.
  11. I think it's good for work, but not a good idea for a purse. Too oddly shaped to be a practical purse imo.
  12. It's Absolutely Perfect For Work...It's Great For Keeping Files Organized On The Go!
  13. I always figured it was for carrying baguettes! about four I think.
    heh buy seriously, I was confused by this bag also.
  14. I don't like purses where you just throw everything in them and rattle around, i.e. a gigantic hobo, etc. So I think that's why I like the sac plat. I think it's similar to carrying a Stam on your arm, but the Stam was too bulky for me and everything just rolled around in there. I think it has a lot to do with how you carry your bags and your general preferences.
  15. do you how much is this sac plat?
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