Sac Nordstrom - Rouge vif city

  1. Sacramento Nordstrom has one rouge vif city.
  2. ohmygod are u serious?? I was there last weekend and the guy told me they wouldnt be getting any IN and if so, they were going to go to the people on the wait list..god they are so annoying.
  3. Sometimes sold out colors pop up from customer returns, not necessarily replenished stock. I think the people at Nordies Sac are great :smile:
  4. ^^ yeah they might be, however there information is never accurate. hmm maybe ill go tommorrow morning. I live 15mins away
  5. call first - it was on display yesterday morning. I also got a wallet there a few weeks ago that was not displayed but back in the stockroom, so ask if there is anything else, too. Good luck - it was very pretty.
  6. Do you know if they would send Balenciaga items to my Nordstrom's if I had an SA call them and request items?

    BTW, I asked the handbag SA at my Nordstrom's if she could order any Balenciagas, and she took out a binder with tabs and turned to the "Balenciaga" tab - and there were photos of two whistle bags. I was pleasantly surprised, because I didn't expect Balenciaga to even be an option in her binder! Maybe someday we'll also be able to order Moto bags?
  7. The rouge is gone. :sad: I went today and the SA said that someone walked in yesterday and bought it right off the display.
  8. I apologize for continuing to bring this up - but I saw a rouge vif city at Sac Nordstroms today (11/2). Go for it!
  9. I was there last night, didnt see a rouge...was there around 7pm today and didnt see a rouge....hmm ??
  10. Maybe I am going crazy, but I saw a red bag there - maybe it wasn't a city cause it was a quick look over, but definitely red. If anyone is interested, you should probably call there first.
  11. it WAS a rouge city =)
    Had to stop by and make sure...still there, a bit vieny IMO though.
  12. lv1011: yeah, I thot so, too - not like the leather on my rouge purse. But some like that.