Sac noe damier !

  1. Hello
    Would it be give a sac noe in damier? I would like to have an sac noe, but not with vachetta ..:s
  2. Oh minababe I was looking for one too..if you find anything please PM me!
    Hey guys any help here????
    I saw one in azur in the noe clud thread but none in damier ebene!
  3. I saw this a couple of times in the copenhaguen boutique but it was special order and obviously bought already.
    It looks really nice
  4. Sac Noé in Damier is a special order. But how about the Mini Lin Sac Noé in Ebene? Really nice!
  5. that sounds interesting .. have you a pic? how much costs it?
  6. Hi :smile:
    You have to make a special order at LV for the Noe Damier Ebene. I've ordered mine in september last year and are still waiting on it :sad: It takes about six months to make it so it shouldn't be long before I get it.... Can't wait!! I have paid 5600 danish crowns for it (~750 euros). It is a beautiful bag, I have only seen it a couple of times... Hope I'll soon get mine!!
  7. ^ wow please please do post pic when u receive your damier ebene noe! the price is not bad too :yes:. congrats in advance!!!
  8. You can see it on the webside of LV or on E-luxury. Mini Lin Noe ebene. It's very nice!
  9. yes thanks I have looked. It's soo beautiful :smile: Comes it in dune also?:sweatdrop:
  10. Yes!:tup:
  11. I love the mini lin one.