SAC Mary Kate

  1. What do you think about this bag? I love the shape of the bag and it's real sporty.:biggrin:
  2. Not a big fan of the mini mono- to me seems a tad "juvenille" and they have terrible resale. I muchg prefer Damier, mono, or epi.
  3. Picture, please. ;)
  4. I think it's different from the other mini monograms.. very versatile, can be played down or dressed up

    (pix source: Elux)
  5. I actually like that one- but only in black and white.
  6. I agree... the beige is a little ... difficult to find an outfit to wear it with


    (source: elux)
  7. I think it's cute and the price is pretty reasonable $975 and it has multiple pockets to keep it organzied. The black and white is cute.
  8. I really love the mini monogram range. I say get it!!
  9. Love it in black. It's really cute!:biggrin:
  10. Ditto on the black. I think the Monogram Mini line is very nice. You can dress it up or down.
  11. I love the shape of it. Also, I think the black color is versatile.
  12. Really like the black/whi. I am also a recent big fan of the Josephine. That bag is nice too!
  13. I think it is so cute! I have never seen them before! Thanks for posting ladies. I love them both. The khaki one is perfect for the spring and summer! :smile:
  14. I adore the Mini Monogram and this shape is very nice! :love:
  15. I really like mini mono bags. BUT I think they will be discontinuing the line later this year. I have the Sac Kathleen in pink.

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