Sac Maple Drive

  1. Hi there! Does anyone own this bag and if yes, is it a bag I can carry everyday? What about room? I currently am carrying a speedy 30 which has a ton of room. Comparison? I'm thinking of this is the new pomme de amore color. Thanks for your (as always) great advise.
  2. OMG, have u see it IRL w/ Pomme d'Amour?? Isn't it sizzling hot?:drool: but Speedy 30 is much bigger than sac maple drive in terms of compacity....what about Brentwood? or Stillwood Vertical?
  3. I was at LV the other day and saw it in the Roxbury Drive which is GORGEOUS! The color is amazing. I don't know if they have it in the Maple Drive though. I'll probably be at the mall again today and will pop in to check. Just wondering if this bag is an everyday bag since it's Vernis. I can see me carrying it a good amount in the winter since most of my winter clothes tend to be in the grey/black family.
  4. I used to have the Sac Maple Drive in Indigo. While I loved the look, the little handle opening drove me crazy! I need to have a handle that I can push at least up to my wrist; whenever I needed both hands free, I had to put the handbag down or under my elbow.

    I considered keeping it for an evening bag, but it is a little too big for that.

    Good luck with your decision! I would recommend seeing it IRL before deciding.
  5. That's what I wanted to know Sue. About the convenience. I think not being able to push it up on my wrist will make me crazy too. So I think I'll rule it out. So now it would be between the Roxbury or the pochette wallet. Anyone have the Roxbury Drive?
  6. I have a Roxbury Drive and I only use it as an evening bag. The main reason is that the bag is too elegant for my taste and I don't really wear anything nice during the day :biggrin:

    If you're looking for an everyday bag, go for the speedy.