Sac Hardy or St. Louis ?

  1. Hi everyone. Please help me to choose which bag to buy. I wanted St Louis GM in black, but lately i also like Sac Hardy. Does anyone know how much is the price different between this 2 ? And for Sac Hardy, how many sizes they have ? Really appreciate your inputs. Thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. The Sac Hardy is about 500 more than the St. Louis, at least about a year ago.

    There are two sizes just like the St. Louis.

    The GM model is 19.5 x 15 x 7.5 inches

    The PM model is 16 x 12 x 6.5 inches
  3. Thank you so much for this information. :smile:
  4. I have had a St Louis before and sold it and bought myself a Sac Hardy PM last year. I prefer the latter since it has a zip and a base shaper so when you put in stuff, especially heavy ones, it doesn't droop. The downside is it's more expensive by $500-$600. Which color are you eyeing on? :smile:
  5. If you're a patient person, Sac Hardy!
  6. For st louis, i like black. But for sac hardy, i like blue or red. There is no goyard store in my city. So i must wait for my next trip to hong kong. I hope they have stock for sac hardy.
  7. Why must be a patient person ? Is it because of the zipper ? I thought with zipper i can travel more safe. :smile:
  8. Because it's more expensive. I always save money every week, to put towards a new bag. When I want a more expensive bag I have to be more patient! A zipper is a good idea. Especially for travel.
  9. Good choice of color for the St. Louis. I had one in pink and had to dispose of it since I have had a few color transfer issues with the bag. My Sac Hardy is red too. :smile:Either of your choices for color is nice. We don't have a Goyard boutique here as well. :sad:I am glad that the Goyard boutique in Peninsula reopened. :p I was their last client when they closed in 2009. HK boutique is the closest from here.
  10. Yes, agree with you. Its more expensive, so must save more. The price different is quite much.. :smile:
  11. Do you know the price for sac hardy in hong kong ? Thanks.
  12. You can also order it directly from the store in Paris. Email (Myriam or Florent will help you!) and you can purchase it tax free with duties and shipping fees imposed which still makes it a bit cheaper than purchasing it in the US. You do have to do a direct bank transfer unfortunately which is a bit of a pain, but still! You can have it in 2 weeks if they have it in stock!
  13. Just got back from HK and got myself a PM Sac Hardy in black & tan for 14300 hkd.
    They have all the basic colors as of now. I didn't ask for the special colors.
  14. Hi there,

    Do you know how much cheaper? TIA!
  15. For the St. Louis, after shipping and everything about 400 dollars if you live in California or New York... Probably 250 or so if you live in another state... If you order more than one you can split the shipping cost with someone or if you're ordering small leather goods etc its definitely worth it to do it together. The larger items cost a lot to ship so the savings seem to be not as much. Still, I recently ordered a marquises and I saved about 500 dollars so totally worth it in my book! Hope this helps!