Sac Flanerie 45 vs. 50

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm looking to purchase a preloved Sac Flanerie to use as a weekend bag/carry on for travel. Does anybody own this piece? I'm debating whether to get the 45 or 50 size. Any input would is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :smile:
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    I bought a 45 not too long ago from eLady - love it! It's very large, comparable to my Cabas Alto if that helps any. Between the two, I think I would recommend the 45.


  3. This is very helpful, thank you!
  4. So what did you end up with - trying to decide and I really want something that will take me overnight on its own... will the 45 do it? What all fits in it? I was set on the 50 but now not sure! Help... :smile:
  5. I purchased a 45 and returned it because it was way too small in my opinion. I recommend a 50 all the way!
  6. I have the 45. It is a great carry-on and it holds other LV's. I use it every time I travel.
  7. Thanks for the reply - how tall are you? I'm 5'2" and have seen some photos of women with the 45, it might be enough for me... I do want a big bag, but not one that is too tough to carry when it is full.
  8. I like it as a purse. I am not one to overload my purse and the long straps makes it so comfortable. Great bag!