Sac en V. Who's carried one???

  1. I saw the H ad with the three Sac en Vs and totally fell in love with the smallest one in matte croc Rouge H. I was wondering if any of you have seen and carried these bags in person. I'm wondering if they are easy to carry or are kinda boxy.
  2. I've tried the 23cm and 35cm. They are a little boxy and the handle drop is short so this will be a hand held bag only. They will hold a lot.
  3. I've seen the smallest one. it is indeed a handheld bag and reminds of the plume. the bag didn't do anything for me but maybe because it was in black and in epsom.
  4. Boxy but roomy inside. I much prefer the Plume Elan GM........:rolleyes:
  5. It's boxier in person than I thought it would be. It's kind of wide. But it would be roomy. :flowers:
  6. I've carried the smallest. Very cute, compact, but roomy. Too bad it was in black Epsom.
  7. Thanks for the info. I wonder if it would be more attractive if it was in that exact Rouge H matte croc in the ad. I wonder if it's something you can SO except I wouldn't do that until I actually carried one to see if I liked it.
  8. ^^^^^^I've seen it rouge H matte croc and it was gorgeous!!!! It was the 23cm.
  9. HG, IRL??????? Did you carry it? :graucho: Do you remember the price???

    This is certainly one case where an ad for an item has worked. I'm still dreaming about the H window in that ad.
  10. Yes, I got to handle it a while back. I never posted because it was from the back room and am paranoid about being identified by my store.:sneaky: Anyway, it was $18,200, give or take a hundred or so.
  11. I've seen it but I haven't had an opportunity to try it on yet. Perhaps I'll ask the next time I'm in store.