Sac de nuit question...

  1. Was the Sac de Nuit ever made in other than ostrich trimmings? I can only see ostrich trimmings in the reference thread but I thought I saw one which is not ostrich. Anyone?
  2. yeah it came in the darker canvas color like the one's trimmed with ostrich but it was goat leather (suhali) instead, and it was an almost brownish color.
  3. yes, it also came in Suahali trim in ochre/mustard colour as part of the Toile Trianon collection.
  4. cheers
  5. The Sac De Nuit has Ostrich leather trimmings/handles and made out of canvas. They are sold out and the retail prices for the Sac De Nuit were: PM $3,650 USD, MM- $4,350 USD, and GM- $5,300 USD.

    Lilac Sac de Nuit PM- $3,650
    Lilac Sac de Nuit MM- $4,350
  6. I have the poids plume which has the goat skin trim...I wish they produced it in different colours:yes:
    Picture 015.jpg PP Mar 05.jpg
  7. ^ thanks! That's the one that I saw!