Sac De Jour: small or baby?

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  1. Hi

    I am looking to get the beautiful sac de jour and am stuck between the baby and small size
    I would like to use the bag for weekends, shopping trips and travel. I like the idea of being able to take my iPad, which pushes me towards the small but worry it may be too big\ less wearable for everyday? I guess I could always put it in a bigger bag if I travel and need it with me? But then wonder if baby is restrictive in size?

    Do any of you have either, and are happy to give your thoughts please? I’ve tried searching YouTube reviews but am going around in circles! Am I also right in thinking the strap on the small is non adjustable? If so do people find it about right?

    Thank you:smile:
  2. I have the baby and I use it for leisure and casual wear. I did consider the small size as I loved the dark red but I felt it looked a little more like a work bag whereas the baby looks more like a handbag. Hope that helps
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  3. Baby.
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  4. I recently got the sdj baby duffle and it's the perfect size and fits a lot. I tried both regular sdj small and small duffle, and they're a little too big for me and felt more formal.
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  6. Thanks everyone, the baby looks so cute, though I wonder still if small is more practical for an iPad, camera etc, does anyone happen to own the small or baby and happy to share modshots?
  7. Hi, this is my baby SDJ and I am 5'7. IMG_20190119_164547~2.jpg IMG_20190119_164623~2.jpg
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  8. If those are the items you want to carry then the small is the way to go. I have the baby and it’s a perfect size for essentials and easy day to night bag. The small is more of a work bag.
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