Sac de Jour questions

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  1. Hey guys, I am thinking of getting the black, croc-stamped small Sac de Jour. I think it's a great size and I love the look of it. The only thing I am worried about is the length of the strap since it's a longer cross-body strap. I am only 5 feet. Does anyone who has the small Sac have any comments on the strap? Can the two hand held straps be worn on the shoulder at all?

    Also what do you guys think of the croc stamp vs the regular solid colors?

  2. it's nearly impossible. I was going to flat out say no but then I actually tried. I'm also 5ft tall with normalish-sized arms and I was able to tightly squeeze only one small handle on my shoulder wearing one thing long-sleeve layer. but I'm still feeling the pinch several minutes later and there was no way that second handle was joining the squeeze.

    at first I hated the croc stamp in pictures, I thought it looked too fake and made the bag even more wannabe birkin-like. but once I saw it in person I completely changed my mind, the croc stamp is really beautiful.
  3. ok just dug out the long strap and did another experiment for you.

    at 5ft tall with the bag hanging on my side by the long strap, the top of the square part of the bag (handles excluded) hits at my hip bone and the bottom is about 4-5 inches above my knee.

    worn crossbody, the bag is perfectly centered on my butt.

    obviously this will vary depending on your torso and thigh proportions compared to mine, but hopefully that helps.
  4. Thanks so much for that info! I agree the croc stamp is SO beautiful in person!

    Do you find the bag heavy in the small size? I'm definitely going to get it; I don't wear bags cross body so I'll just have to have it hang pretty low when I'm not carrying it by the handles. Not a big deal for such a gorgeous bag I guess :smile:
  5. no, not heavy at all. but I'm a bad person to give that opinion because generally I carry big, heavy bags so the small sac du jour seems like a walk in the park. for me the bag is really small so I don't use it much and can only use it on a day when I can carry 1/2 of what I normally do. so with not much space to pack it with stuff, it ends up feeling light.
  6. I am also interested in this bag. Do you think the hotstamp, that says Saint Laurent Paris, will fade away after sometime?
  7. Not to hijack the thread, but do you guys think the Sac De Jour would be a nice bag for school? :smile: Or would it be too fragile?
  8. I just saw this in stores, and I felt like it was pretty tough material. I don't know how much you intend to put inside of it, but it definitely didn't feel flimsy to me.
  9. I'm planning to put my Macbook (13 inch) and maybe a thick book or two? A water bottle + some essentials :P Do you think that would work? I'm so afraid that I will butcher the bag, and it's so expensive so I want to be able to use it everyday, but then again I'm afraid that I'll ruin it if I do use it everyday ... you feel me? :lol:
  10. IMO, small would be fragile because of the strap and the large would be too heavy.

  11. If you want to carry all of that, I would have to agree with unoma. A small would never be durable or large enough to meet your needs, and large would be way too heavy. The last thing I want is anyone using the large with no strap and it be that heavy. My arm hurts thinking if it.

    Perhaps the small for essentials, and a another bag for the rest? I studied web programming, so I didn't have to carry that much and that was my pre-fashion days.

    Good luck!
  12. Thank you for the answers! Unfortunately, I don't think I can buy the Sac de Jour yet then, because I really need a bag for school and I don't have the means to buy two bags, so I'm thinking of a Michael Kors Hamilton - a huge step down, but it is pretty in the right color I think and holds a lot of stuff :smile:
  13. see below:

    that stuff won't fit in the small and you will have premature arm issues if you try to carry all that in the large.

  14. Enjoy and good luck in school. If I was back in school, I would get myself the LC Roseau tote. There's one with nice long handles and looks pretty spacious.
  15. bagloverny, I personally prefer solid colors to the croc stamp for SDJ, but you can't go wrong either way!