Sac de Jour Nano and Celine Nano, too similar to own both?

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  1. I got my first high end designer handbag (Celine Nano in navy) a few years ago and am now on the hunt for a second piece. I really love the look of the Sac de Jour, especially in the Nano size it's so cute. To me it looks like a sleeker, more modern, (and cheaper) version of a Birkin 25, so tiny and chic. I would be looking to get it in black. I am just wondering about the size and structure of that versus my Celine Nano, if they are too similar? I don't have a chance to try it on in person, I am hoping that the SDJ Nano would be smaller than my Celine. If there's anyone who owns both bags, what are your thoughts on similar size, structure, and functionality? I'm very petite so for me the Celine serves almost as a medium size bag, I was hoping that the SDJ would be smaller and could serve a different purpose, please let me know what you think. Thank you so much.
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    I don't have the SL nano, but I do have Givenchy horizon minis which are almost identical in dimensions to the SL and definitely smaller than my Celine nanos. I do reach for them for different functions, and the Celine can definitely fit more items due to the fact that the length increases from the base up.

    While all three are somewhat structured "mini" bags, I don't find them otherwise similar as they have different looks.

    Good luck in your search!
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  3. Hi, the SDJ Nano is a lot smaller than the Celine Nano. The SDJ Baby is similar to Celine Nano. I think the SDJ Nano is very pretty and fits basic necessities like small wallet, sunglasses, keys and a little bit of make up. Whilst Celine Nano carries heaps.
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