Sac Chien on WILL AND GRACE rerun tonight

  1. A rerun of WILL AND GRACE is on and guest star Joan Collins was carrying a SAC CHIEN just now!!!

    And then Grace said something like, "I'm not in her league. I can't afford Louis Vuitton. Her dog poops in it!"

    I'm sure there will be more LV cameos throughout the evening! ;)
  2. that is pretty funny.. i have wondered about that. i mean, i know the lining is supposed to be washable or something, but....
  3. if i recall correctly, she'll be carrying a Sac Plat towards the end of the show too.
  4. Yup. There's lots of LV on W & G:

    -In one episode, Grace walks into Will's office with a Multiple-cite proclaiming that she'd spent more than she could afford on it but didn't care.

    -when Karen is going through her divorce and doesn't have a place to live, she's seen carrying around a Keepall and an LV tote (either Luco or Cabas Mezzo)

    -In episodes when Grace's mom comes to visit, she's seen with multiple luggage pieces including a Keepall, Cruiser bag, and an Alzer.
  5. ^^^ Holy moly!! DeluxeDuck and ValleyOppressed: Your observation and recall skills are amazing!!! :amazed:

    I am impressed!! :yes:
  6. ValleyOppressed: Your avatar pic is from my favorite scene in the movie.

    "You work on commission, right? Big mistake. HUGE! I have to go shopping now." :graucho:
  7. i remember one episode when Will ran away to the Bahamas only to be followed by Karen and Stan due to tax evasion... Karen was lining up at US Immigration/Customs with a cart piled high with Damier soft luggage.

    i've also spotted Will carrying a Taiga Angara briefcase, Karen with an Epi Demi Lune and bunch of other LV sutff when they showed her closet.

    W&G is probably only second to SATC with the most LV cameos.
  8. haha-me too! I'm going shopping on Rodeo in April- hope I don't have a similar experience :roflmfao: But then again I don't think I'll be wearing this:
  9. ^^^ LOL!!! :roflmfao:

  10. I heard there is going to be a new soft sided dog carrier coming out this year... I'm so excited!