sac bosphore with speedy handles

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  1. I love the sac bosphore but I'm not a big fan of the strap handles. What do you think about replacing those handles with a speedy'esque type of handle? According to other threads it may cost an additional $125 to get the handles replaced. You think it's worth it?

    here's what it could look like...photoshop skills aren't the best but it gives you a general idea.


    this is the original with the cloth strap handles


    TIA for any comments :biggrin:
  2. I think it looks great, but with the original handles you don't have to worry about the vachetta getting a patina or getting dirty. But it def looks chic! I would try it if I love it!
  3. thanks fiefkedeteut...:biggrin:

    I want to change the handles mainly because of comfort. I have a similar bag that I carry all the time with the speedy'esque handles and they're very comfortable especially when i pack a bunch of stuff into the bag. I don't have the sac bosphore...just thinking about it right now...but I thought the original handles would be uncomfortable when carrying a heavy bag (e.g., with a laptop in it + other papers, etc.).
  4. I think if you prefer handles like that then maybe the Icare would be a better choice? Personally I like the bosphore handles to be that way, easier to maintain.
  5. I say do it! I like it--totally worth it. I also love vachetta handles. You could always grab it by the strap to give the vachetta a break.
  6. i would do it!!!
  7. I think the Sac Bosphore looks so much better with the rolled handles. You did an excellent job photoshopping the handles on. I would totally buy this if it came out in damier ebene with the speedy-esque handles. I wonder, could it be done?
  8. I love the way it looks. You should do it.
  9. I have to give the icare another look. When I first saw it online it looked a bit bigger than what I was looking for, but I'll go see if my local boutique has one...I need to see it in person.

    thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Thanks :biggrin:

    I'll have to go to my local boutique this weekend to see if this is even possible and how much it would actually cost.
  11. I think it looks great!
  12. It looks great!
  13. That looks awesome! I would totally do it :yes:
  14. What you did looks good and more elegant but the speedy handles gets dirt easily. However, you should get what you like favorite that will make you happier. :yes:
  15. Thanks mookeididi for the comments :biggrin:

    I'm wondering how the ladies keep their handles looking good...speedy'esque leather handles that is! hehe...especially the lighter colored that called vacheta?...hmmmm...

    when people say 'dirty' handles...are they referring to the darker coloring it gets over time (is that called patina?) or do they get dirty in other ways and is hard to clean off stains (e.g., ketchup stains...hehe...that's the first thing that came to mind)?