Sac Bosphore Owners!

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  1. [​IMG]

    i was thinking of buying a Sac Bosphore!

    but i want to see how it looks on someone,
    can someone please post pictures of them modeling their Sac Bosphore!
  2. I think that's an awesome bag. Are you going to use it for your laptop?
  3. nope i just want to use it as a bag for everyday use.

    i'm looking for a bag that has handles but also has a strap for if i want to wear it across my body and the sac bosphore is the only one i found that has what i want.
  4. Sorry no pics but I do remember seeing a woman at Nordstroms who was carrying it as her purse. It looked cool and different. Not very common at all....
  5. I absolutely love these, but wish they came in a larger size to use as a laptop bag. Might get one anyway.. love the sporty, more casual edge it has, and how less common they are. :tup:
  6. I have the backpack and have used it most days this summer, just want to pop in and say the hardware is working very well and looks identical straps and adjustment bits on the bag. I love my pack :smile:
  7. Christina, here's an eBay pic for you of it on a mannequin. I've been talking about it here as a laptop bag - I'm stoked as I've realised it will fit my lappy after all, and pretty much perfectly too! :tup:


    Still would love to see pics of it on real people, and your thoughts on it.

    Vista, the backpack version is neat too!
  8. I have this bag for work, I love it....they could have made it just a tad bigger though, IMO.......
  9. I just found a listing for this on Secondhand shop (sadly sold already), showing lots of pics of it being worn. :smile:

  10. And more again.

  11. I like this bag as well, kind of sporty contemporary.
  12. i have this bag - i love using it when i use my pegase thru the airport since it looks sleek and stream-lined.

    I never wore it across my body, now I have to see how that works.

    I do wish it were a tad larger, and maybe opened wider. I can say it does not open as wide as say, my ManhattanGM, but it does offer a sleek look where you can carry it like a briefcase or over the shoulder for hands-free.

    have fun shopping !
  13. thankss for the pictures! and advice everyone!

    now i am considering buying either the sac bosphore or a monogram carryall, is the carryall too big for everyday use.

    i carry alot of stuff back and forth to work.
  14. what a cute bag. I would love one for traveling.
  15. I love both the Sac Bosphore and the Carryall, Christina. I think a bag won't be too big for everyday use so long as you're filling it! If you need that size then you simply need it, therefore it can't be too big.

    Both are gorgeous, so you can't go wrong. If you really do carry a lot, I think you'll need something larger than the SB unless it's all A4 papers etc. The Carryall is much deeper, so could take square items as well (pouches, etc.).

    I'm going to check out the SB completely on Saturday when I finally get me to a boutique! Can't wait.. :woohoo: