Sac à Dos Bosphore

  1. Hi I just received my first LV. Its a very nice every day bag/backpack. I was looking for the date that I have read is a LV standard. I can't find mine on the Sac à Dos Bosphore I bought from E I called , he explained that it is sometime not visable/ Sometime it is located behind the liner. I know E luxury are the only "authorized" dealer on the net. I have been reading this BB to learn as much as I possible. I appreciate any info.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Firstly congrats on your new bag:smile: .I think it should be inside the pocket on a small leather tag, look near the seam?
  3. Thank you! Yea!! I found it on the side zippered pocket!!!!!
  4. my inside tag reads FL0066. I am thinking it means June 2006?
  5. You got it!;)
  6. Correct-o!!!!

    Congrats!!!! I tried this on at the store... it was awesome... :heart:.
  7. WOW, see how much I 've learned from you guys alreadY!!!!!? ;) Thanks!!!

  8. Thanks, its my first of many LV's to come!!! It's definietly :supacool: !:smile: