Sabrinas size and availability question

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  1. You guys are such enablers. Until I found this forum I never owned a Coach & now I want to buy a Sabrina. (and a Peyton,*purple patent or maybe red patent* but that's another story!)

    The trouble is, I haven't seen them IRL to compare. I would like the lovely dark purple folks have posted photos of.

    Is there a small dark purple patent available? I'm not sure if this came in small or large but I think the large would be too big.

    I thought I read the small was in stores only. The only store remotely near me that carries Coach is Macy's & it is a smaller store that doesn't carry much. And it is too far for just a casual drive. It isn't much closer than the outlets.

    I don't want to drive there only to find this doesn't exist or has to be ordered at full price. Full price is beyong my means.

    Do you think these will be appearing at outlets and ebay?

    Can you tell patience is not my best trait?

  2. There is a small dark plum patent, and it's available on the Coach website now so it wasn't a department store exclusive.

    Everything shows up on eBay eventually, and there was a post about an outlet in Texas that had the large version last week. However, I'm guessing it will be a while before more than one or two returns show up at the outlets. Plus the rumor is that Coach is making smaller quantities of all of their bags now, so when they do hit the outlets, there may be only a few to be found.
  3. Thanks the small must be the one that is $358?
  4. The small plum patent is actually $458. It's $100 more than the regular small leather because it has the chain strap.

    There is a cobalt patent, which is similar but it has silver hardware and no chain strap. That one is $358. :smile:
  5. Thanks, I do wish I could se them IRL. That's a lot to drop sight unseen.
  6. I haven't seen the cobalt, but the plum is breathtaking. I was this | | close to buying it in spite of not liking bright brass hardware. It is really one of the most beautiful Coach bags I've seen.
  7. Geez Michelle you have me this ~ close to ordering it myself. ENABLER!!
  8. IMO, the Sabrinas (all of them) are much more beautiful in person than in pics.

    I've tried taking tons of pics of my metallic silver sabrina and nothing compares to seeing her IRL.

    I disliked the Sabrina when it first came out...and honestly couldn't understand the hype. Until I bought one at a great price just to try it out. I really didn't think I was going to like it and come to find out, I love it and don't know why I waited so long.

    I'd get one on ebay. You can get them for less than retail and as popular as they are, if you don't like it, you can sell it.