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  1. Hi ladies, I've been watching and learning from all of you. So I bought a Sabrina on *bay, I was excited and didn't read the description. Only after I paid for it I see it's pre-owned. The seller was honest, I just didn't read. Well she has 2 small holes on the back. Can I send her to be repaired or is that what I get for bidding without reading? She's pretty anyway,black with gold. Just need some advice. Thanks guys.
  2. Did the seller disclose that there were holes on the back of the bag?

    If not, you could contact seller, explain holes, that they were not disclosed and that you would like return/refund. If the seller is not willing to do that, you could file a SNAD. BUT this is all dependent on the holes not being disclosed on the original listing.

    I don't know if you can send it to coach to be repaired. Maybe someone else has more info on this...

    BTW... as an FYI you should always read the description before bidding on the bay (or anywhere else online) and if you have questions about authenticity, you should post in the Authenticate This thread before bidding.
  3. Yes, she did say there were holes. Your right, about reading before I buy. I have a saved search "NWT" so when I saw the listing I bought right away. Only then did I realize my error. I'm not blaming anyone but myself. I goofed (as I have a habit of doing).
    But the bag is great I'm happy anyway. :smile:
  4. Make sure to ask the seller where the holes came from, in case they ask you.
  5. Yeah take it in for repair and see what happens. It can't hurt!
  6. Yes, take it for repair but do find out how it happend and hope for the best