Sabrina strap question

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  1. My sabrina just arrived in graphite patent and I don't know if I love her. This is my first sabrina and the shoulder strap does not seem to hide away as well as I that normal? Am I doing something wrong? It doesnt tuck up under as tightly as I thought it would. The small size is really small too, if I keep her she will definitely just be a going out bag.
  2. I think for the shoulder strap to stay under neatly, one has to slip the shoulder strap through the little leather strips down under the bag. I leave mine free because I like to use it, and at first it bugged me too when carrying by hand, but I got used to it and just let it hang underneath.

    Yes, the size is small especially when compared to the larger bags so popular now. The compact size can be a plus sometimes though, I especially like how it sits nicely & compact-ly up on a table or in my lap.
  3. Thank you. I have the straps under the tabs, maybe I'll try to let it hang and see how it goes. I have to say that the sabrina is so adored but I'm not finding it that great organizationally.
  4. Well, I've noticed the fuller the bag, the more neat it looks with the strap closer fitting. One reason I'm not partial to the larger Sabrina is because it spreads so wide and looks too unstructured for my tastes. But my favorites are the "hobo" type bags, so to each his/her own.

    RE: organization. No, it's just one compartment, so everything is mixed together in there.

    Maybe there's something else about the bag your're not happy with? I actually returned my first sabrina, as I just wasn't happy with it, but now I have two others that I love, one each of the large and small.
  5. I experienced the same feelings when I first purchased my smaller Sabrina. What I found, though, over time, is that you can get alot of stuff in the bag when it is carried with the shoulder strap. The one inside pocket is not as handy as having two, though. I also have the large Sabrina and really love that bag. It is really easy to get your hands in, and plenty large enough to fit all my "stuff". I use the large one for every day, and save the small one when I know I'm not going to be hunting for my things too often. At first, I thought the large was too large, but now I really don't feel that way. It's odd how our feelings about these bags can change over time. The Graphite color looks really nice. I saw it the other day in our local Coach boutiqe. I think you should give it a chance and see if you grow to like it. :idea:
  6. I feel this way too (that the straps don't hang in tightly enough underneath). I have 2, the gray leather and the metallic leather and they both do it. I can see, though, how PPs are saying that the more stuff that's in it, the better structured the bag looks. I'm going to cram a bunch of stuff in one of them right now to see if that makes a difference. LOL! j/k!!!! But seriously...I bet it will with more than just a wallet, a cell phone and a set of keys in it (which is what I usually carry...I'm a small-bag girl).
  7. The strap doesn't fit snugly even when run through the bottom. It is a bit longer than the bag. Many gals let the strap hang down though so if you want to put it on your shoulder, it is ready to go. I use a wristlet, miniskinny, and cosmetic case in my sabrins to oranize my things. I love how the bag sits without slouching all over the place even though there is a lot of room left inside. I loved mine instantly though, so if you don't love her, there are a lot of other gorgeous bags our there...
  8. It should stay pretty close to the bottom of the bag, but the way it does hang I think gives it a little style. I also tend to let mine hang sometimes and like the look of it either way (snapped or not.)

    I'm not AT ALL into Sabrina as a shoulder bag, but I didn't buy her to wear as a shoulder bag. I'm more of a handbag kinda gal.

    I also totally agree w/ you about the sm/med size being pretty small. I know that alot of gal's have gone that route because she does hold more then you would think, but the hand straps and opening are very miniature looking to me! I love the graphite patent though, if you have the funds I'd HIGHLY suggest exchanging it for the Lg. if they make it. (Have they made the graphite patent in Lg. yet?) <---haven't been on in awhile.

    Anyway, it seems such a shame to me to let such a gorgeous, expensive bag be used as just a "going out" bag. I was just thinking how I'm gonna get my Lg. OpArt Sabrina to Cancun...I didn't plan on carrying her (but I don't want to flat pack her either!! UGH!!
  9. Well, I cut the tag so she is mine now. She is growing on me. It might actually be nice to have a smaller bag for when it is date night or the kids arent with me!
  10. I let the strap hang and I think it actually looks "cute" that way. You can also just remove the strap all together. My coworker did that and it also looks cute that way too.
  11. I didn't like the way the strap hung so I just took it off. I prefer the Sabrina as a hand held bag anyway. I'm glad you decided to keep yours.
  12. oh patent graphite must look awesome on you!!
    btw i remove the strap when using my sabrina and hook the side to the side-ring, making the bag look neat like that.. unless if i'm carrying more stuffs, then i'll put on the strap, but have it looped under the bag so it'll give more volume to the side of the bag and the same time let it maintain it shape..
    hope that helps!