Sabrina question

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  1. I have been bitten by the sabrina bug I am afraid. But I have a question and concern on size. I am afraid that the small is going to be too small but the large will be too big. Just for reference I am about 5'5 and around 130 pounds. I normally only buy purses that I can sling over my shoulder so this will be something new for me. I currently own a coach bleeker medium duffle and actually it is only about half full. Hubby has told me that if I want a sabrina that he will get me one soon for my birthday/valentines/anniversary but since I don't have a store around here that carries coach I am so afraid that I will end up with the wrong size. I know there are alot of sabrina threads on here and believe me I think I have read every single one of them. But thought maybe someone would have some insight for me. Choice of color is not a problem as I already know that I want a black one preferably with silver hardware but the gold hardware is fine too. Thanks in advance for all of your help. This is where I turned to when I was trying to decide on my bleeker duffle and I have carried her every day since the day that I got her.
  2. I have two Sabrinas and both of them are the Large size. I personally think the small size it too small. It just looks odd to me but, that's JMO. A good thing about the Sabrina is that you do not have to fill it up to make it look good. It's really hard to judge the small size compared to the large size just by looking on The large size is really not that big of a bag. I don't think it will overpower you at 5'5".
  3. Let me tell you this, and you can take it for what YOU think it's worth! I am a BIG BAG girl!!! I carry bags like the Gigi, signature stripe tote (multi function size) and the large Carly. I can fit EVERYTHING I carry on a daily into my large Sabrina! She is deceiving...the sm/medium size fit's ALOT more than you'd think! I think you'll find alot of gal's will tell you the same thing! I'll try and get a pic posted in the next day or so that I fit in my Lg. Sabrina...and I don't stuff her full making her ugly and bulky!!!
  4. I also think that the smaller sized one is too small......JMO too.
    On the Coach website they give the dimensions and the difference between the given dimensions is not that much different (on paper) but IRL there is a substantial difference.

    The black came in both the small and large sizes and in both hardware options so you are able to pick between the small and the large.
    Lucky you!

    IMO you will need to see them both IRL to decide which size will be best for you.
    You could always order both and return/send back the one that doesnt work out for you sizewise.
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    I own the smaller size sabrina and I even agree that the small sabrina is a little too small! I did see both sizes IRL in the boutique, so I also agree the large isn't much bigger. Unfortunately for me, the only color I wanted at the time (putty) only came in small :P

    I am also 5'2 and 105lbs for reference!
  6. i had the same problem when i wanted to order mine online. i ended up going to the boutique just to be positive on the size i wanted. for your reference, i'm 5'2 and about 100 lbs....quite petite. the small size was too small for me and the large i thought was the perfect size! it wasn't as big as i thought it would be. so, i'd go with the large!
  7. i am 5'1 and 110 lbs and i own the large one.
  8. I am a little shorter than you and I own the small. At times I wish it was a tad bigger, but it perfectly fits all my things. I thought the large was too big on me on me then, but I might feel differently about it now. Seeing all these large sabrinas on here makes me want a larger one :P. I still think the small is a good size.
  9. The large seems too big for me, and I'm about your size and also a former Bleecker Duffle owner. The big just seemed too large to be carried comfortably as a satchel for me. I originally thought I would like the large, but after trying on both I thought the small was the perfect size. Good luck!
  10. I'm about your size and I have the small and think it's perfect. :smile: