Sabrina OpArt...Which color to get?

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  1. OK... I have 2 Leather Sabrinas in camel & black.

    Which OpArt Sabrina should I get? I thought brown but now I like Khaki.

    I might get all the colors:nuts:. But I do want just one OpArt so I can find more leather colors.
    1. Khaki/Mahogany OpArt
    2. Mahogany/Mahogany OpArt
    3. Black/Black OpArt
  2. I like the brown - the color looks really rich.

  3. DITTO. Really rich, classy-looking color.
  4. The brown!! I had that one before I had some problems with the fabric. Its the perfect color for fall and the blue lining inside is gorgeous too!!!
  5. I wast just looking at those at the store yesterday and I love the khaki. The gold hardware is so pretty on the khaki and I love the contrast of the patent leather and the fabric colors so I vote for the khaki but I agree that the mahogany is very pretty. I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  6. Mahogany/Mahogany OpArt gets my vote...
  7. Khaki/Mahogany OpArt :tup:
  8. I like the Mahogany/Mahogany but I LOVE the contrast on the Khaki/Mahogany so that's my vote
  9. I love the brown brown combo, I think I saw it on sale at my Dillard's today!
  10. I love the mahogany one... all 3 are really nice though!