Sabrina old bag new way

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  1. I got my Sabrina in fall 08 and still love it I always felt she is best as a satchel. Much more chic this way! However today I was walking to a mtg and my started to hurt so I unhooked thecshoulder strap and wore it that way seems v fresh and current to me! Anyone else use sab on the shoulder?
  2. I have when shopping. I know a lot of folks didn't love the sabrina as a shoulder bag but it is such a nice option if you suddenly need both hands. I noticed plenty of designers have introduced convertible bags in the past year or two with an additional strap.
  3. I used my Sabrina's shoulder strap all the time if I was out and about. I'm doing the same thing with my Audrey. I'm really glad for the longer strap!
  4. I always knew that I was in the minority here but I really like how my Audrey looks as a shoulder bag and I like the Sabrina that way too.
  5. I carry Sabrina as satchel and have shoulder strap ready if needed.
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  6. I use mine a lot this way and love it!! It has a very nice slouch to it.
  7. I love Sabrina BUT I'm not a huge fan of how she looks as a shoulder bag. This being said it dosen't mean I won't use her as a shoulder bag when need be. I do carry her as a satchel but I let the shoulder strap hanng down VS having it snapped up.

    I think Audrey looks better as a shoulder bag for some reason, maybe the small difference in the shape??
  8. When I first got my Sabrina I used her as a satchel. Once I tried her as a shoulder bag I decided I enjoyed having my hands free.
  9. I carry my small Sabrina as a shoulder bag using the long strap. Small Sabrinas may look tiny but they hold a lot of stuff, and I find that the Sabby looks "less tiny" when shoulder carried. :smile:
  10. I usually carry mine by the handles and let the strap hang down, but the strap does come in handy when my hands are full.