Sabrina NM got 1 Choc Brown Jumbo Caviar with GHW available with pre-increase price.

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  1. yep, just got email from her..
    so hurry up for those who want this color...
    her contact no 312 617 7831
    Good luck
  2. pretty bag- hopefully someone gets it
  3. I have this bag.........:heart::heart::heart: Love it........Hope someone gets it before the $$$ goes up!!
  4. Which NM is that?

  5. Neiman Marcus
    737 N. Michigan Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60611
    Direct: 312.617.7831
  6. Do you know the price please?

  7. it was 2650- not sure if it is now the increased price of 2995??
  8. dunno as today is not yesterday...
    pls contact her and ask her directly.