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  1. #1 Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
    So over the holidays, I promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore purses. But then I saw the Sabrina... and fell in loveee (just as everyone else has). After a month's worth of contemplating and going back to schoool, my DB and I finally made a trip to the Coach store after a boring week of classes (haha). I had my eye on Espresso Sabrina foreverrrr! But I decided to take a look around just to make sure.

    I finally found Espresso Sabrina and it was love at first sight! But then right next to her was Steel Julianneeeee. She was beautifulllll! Even DB thought she was amazing. As soon as I picked up the Sabrina and the Julianne, I swear like 3 SAs come rushing over. The first one who comes up to me is like, "YOU HAVE TO GET THE JULIANNE! YOU HAVE TO!" And then she started rambling on how the small Sabrina NEVER came in steel and how I had to get the Julianne because it was my ONLY option. I went on to ask her about the new spring line, but once again she didn't know much. She tried to convince me that the Espresso Sabrina WAS the new spring line and there wouldn't be any more colors. I tried tuning her out since she obviously didn't know too much. But she stuck around and kept badgering me to pick a bag. She was like, "You DEFINITELY need to stick within the Madison line because trust me, these bags CAN'T be faked and you can tell everyone you have a REAL bag!" And THEN she proceeded to bring out her own leather Zoe and again try to convince me why I should go for a bigger bag.

    So much peer pressure! She was literally breathing down my back the whole time. I was seriously about to change my mind and go for the Julianne. But then DB reminded me that the Sabrina is what I had been in love with for dayssss. And this other customer came in and swooned at the sight of Sabrina and told me it was definitely the one I should get.

    So... I got the Sabrina! Nothing new, but totally beautiful! And I even had enough extra money to get a new camera. Yay!

    Thanks for listening to me ramble about my new lovely! =D

  2. I loooooove your Sabrina. I want one really bad and it WILL BE my next bag. Congrats, she's beautiful!!!! BTW, is that the large or the small? I've seen both but can't figure out if the small is too small or perfect. KWIM.
  3. soooo beautiful! thats how I am right now, debating between the Julianne and the Sabrina, they are both gorgeous bags! Congrats!
  4. ooh it's divineee!! me gusta muchoo
    and cute cardigan btw ;)
  5. She's so pretty, congrats! Great story too
  6. omg I love it!!!!! Congrats! I want this bag so bad... is it the large or small?
  7. She's the small Sabrina! I'm really short (5'3'') but she still looks sizeable on me. But thanks for the compliments, guys! =) I don't think you can go wrong with Sabrina or Julianne. They're both so beautiful in person. Even my boyfriend was like, "Wowwww!" Haha, I've never seen a guy do that.
  8. Love it! It looks fabulous on you.

    I've had my eye on Sabrina for a good long while too.
  9. OMG, thanks for this post!
    It answered a few questions I have about Sabrina!
    I needed to know the lining of the espresso and the availbility (if ever) of a small steel!

    You've done well.
  10. So pretty and it looks fantastic on you!
  11. Thanks, you all! =) So happy! Oh and 90046, I think Steel was available in the Small Sabrina but it was only a department store exclusive. A few weeks ago I went to another Coach store and the lady called JAX and there definitely aren't anymore. =( But they still have it in Large Sabrina. The SA who was bugging me when I finally bought my bag didn't know too much really... She was saying a bunch of stuff that wasn't true.
  12. Great choice!! :tup: I've been having the exact same dilema right now! The small looks amazing on you!
  13. That Espresso bag is gorgeous. I've seen the Espresso before and this one looks so much more gorgeous. The leather looks more textured than the ones I saw. Great choice!
  14. You all probably know this but if you go to and pull up the bag you want you can do a "try it on" to see if it's too big or small for your size. It's pretty simple, doesn't get really fancy or in depth but it gives you an idea of the size of the bag in relation to your body.
  15. Graci! =)